Grace Of God Came Down Abundantly And Closed Doors Opened


 Hebrews 13:15 in the Bible says “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name”.

Praising God helps us recall his goodness that never ends. Praise breaks protocol and the manifestation of God becomes real as open doors follow suit accordingly without any hindrance. 

This was not too far from what happened in Friday’s Service tagged “Covenant Day of Business and Career breakthrough”, 

To say the lest, it was a “grace filled supernatural service” where the grace of God was present indeed and closed doors started to open according to their faith. 

Initially the Servant of God Prophet Sunday Obi,  had decried the attitudes of some believers for not always coming out to testify the goodness of the Lord in their lives during testimony period. 

However, this display of ignorance did not dampen his spirit as he danced to the renditions from the Arena Echo international choir.

The power and grace of God could not wait till the main ministration as doors begin to open as a believer had announced the receipt of his appointment letter through his phone right there confirming the word of God. 

As the service progresses,  (Officer) Pst.Omini Enu, had anchored one of the major sessions, the Intercessory prayers and offered several prayer points to the glory of God. 

He took his prayer points from the following Bible verses 3John:2, PS 24:1,Isa.1:19, Eph. 6:4 and Prove 18.1 amongst others.

Pastor Enu prayed for all round prosperity in business and career, obedience to God, financial open doors, prayed against principalities and powers. 

He also prayed against every evil fighting against our promotion, business, career, condemned every negative altar,  spoken word and rebuked them all by the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Enu prayed for the release of the master key from heaven to unlock every closed door, for God to remove shame and reproach in our lives and make us new creation in the Name of Jesus.

Engulfed by the power and grace of God,  Prophet Sunday Obi ushered in the minister of God Pastor Thompson Ubong as guest speaker who delivered the “Word”. 

He said already that so many files in today’s service have been opened by the grace of God which had filled the entire premises. 

Ubong attempted to define business and career but said in all “none of the topic can strive without God who is the creator and owner of heaven and earth. 

“You must hand over your business or career to God first and foremost,  he added”.Business and career without God is a complete failure. 

A believer,  he said,  must believe and have confidence in God for your business or career to flourish and grow. You must be humble. Do not show yourself as a business man or woman. 

He admonished believers to always be thankful to God and also the Prophet in the house. Your offering can open doors for you. Involve God in everything you are doing. Have you invited Jesus in your business. Do you obey the instructions from the Prophet.”

He warned believers against cheating in their places of work. It is sin against God. Sin can block your career and business. 

Ubong, a seasoned and committed minister of God made references to Bible verses to buttress his teaching. You can read Deut. 8:18/2Chro.20:20/Ps44,:13/Ps 144:1/Luke 8:1/Exd 31:1and Dan. 11:32 to empower your self more. 

Thereafter, as the choir sing praises to the glory of God,  the Prophet became more lighter in the spirit realm, as he danced and began to sort people with afflictions and challenges out from the congregation as the Holy Spirit directs. 

“His grace abound and took over the entire Arena premises and His presence became obvious as signs and wonders became the order of the moment”.

He pronounced and directed that the congregation should dance for five minutes and what God has for them and it was powerful and awesome. There were open doors in abundance. 

There were miracles, deliverance,  healing and prophetic declarations among the congregation. There was no dull moment an Arena Echo international choir was alive to its best notwithstanding. 

The servant of God prayed for open doors, financial breakthrough, restoration of jobs, against any evil plan in the state. He also sent Angels to the University of Calabar (Unical)  to guide and direct the authorities alright so as not to caught the wrath of God.  

He prayed that God should use him as a point of contact and protect Cross River State since He has handed the state to him to watch over. 

Frankly speaking,  the blessings of God was sufficiently overwhelming and only those that believed in God can attest to this wonderful misery. 

Those who came, saw and received the out pouring of God’s grace, mercies and compassion as the Holy Spirit was everywhere during the service.

The Ministry had earlier in the week waited for the Lord over plans by the wicked ones to Islamise the country. Powerful prayer points were offered against those planning such evil on the Christians in Nigeria. 

The General Overseer had condemned the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for waiting till the 28th-30th of May 2021 to call on God to take control of the situation in the country. 

 He prophesised that God had assured him of our victory and that those involved in the wicked plan will pay with their own blood if they don’t repent. 

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