God Has Done It Again For My Angel Is Plus One Today


On this day July 21, 1970, the year of the Lord, the daughter of Zion, Omogor Joseph Egwutu  was born into the families of late Joseph and Agnes Egwutu of the blessed memories in Umukwata village in Kwale local government area of Delta state, Nigeria. 

She grew up as a great daughter of Zion with a bright future amongst her pears.ย 

Little did she knew she was going to meet her handsome life partner Comrade Vitalis Ugoh, a Veteran journalist who retired from the New Nigerian newspapers as her husband.

Today that holy wedlock resulted to three wonderful children, two and a female to the glory of God.ย 

Celebrating a birthday is not a big deal but giving Thanksgiving to God makes it unique and awesome in His sight, Alleluia!ย 

This day,  “my gold, mother, sister, friend and quarrel mate” has every cause to celebrate.  Reason, she has seen storms,  challenges and hard times but the grace of God kept her on.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,  it is said. 

If there is one thing she hates, it is lie.  

She is bold, courageous, hardworking and straightforward in nature.

Rosemary Omogor Ugoh, (Mrs) has every thing it takes to be happy as the family is giving out her daughter for marriage come August 28th,  2021 at St.  Mary’s Catholic Church, Efut Abua, Calabar.

God has wiped out her tears,ย  all the storms in her life as she added another year to her age in Jesus Name Amen.

We join our hands with others in celebrating you our dear wife, mother, friend and colleague. A big congratulations to a quintessential woman and a seasoned administrator. 

God bless your new age. 

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