The Blood Of Jesus Reversed Their Generational Curses During The Mantle Service


“Any form of description is capable of describing Friday’s blessing of ‘Mantle Service ‘, It was extraordinary,  awesome, grace filled and above all power packed.  There was no dull moment at all” .  

Today’s service witnessed an unprecedented “overflow”.to the glory of God. God’s Arena  of Liberty outreach was filled to capacity. God’s  manifestation has just began as His word can never return void. 

. Deu  30:19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

The theme of the service is “Breaking .Of Generational Curses”.

Performing the function during the Intercessory prayers,, the ever ready and powerful man of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong, never left any stone unturned as he led the congregation through series of prayer points against any generational curses in our lives. 
Ubong declared that as far as today’s service was concerned ant nonsense in our lives shall disappear in Jesus Name Amen.

Generational curses are the opposite of blessings in our lives. It could be a failure,  breakdown,  setbacks, untimely death, and financial stagnation. It is a pronouncement against someone. It is a negative pattern that occurs in our lives. It kept on moving from one generation to another.”

He said “it is an error for the enemy to say until you die,  you will not progress. You don’t know your foundation.  Whether it is from your father’s side or your mother’s side that is fighting you. Today as you have stepped your feet into the Arena they shall all be broken 

Curses can stop someone from growing physically or spiritually. Therefore the only weapon to fight back is by the blood of Jesus .

“Oh God in Heaven,  I ask for your help in my family life, over spirit of diseases, frustration, stagnation, hardship and marriage, Oh God whatever that is not of God, destroy them in my life, and that every gathering where my name is mentioned scatter them in Jesus Name Amen “.

He read  1Ki  19:1-4 And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.

The minister of God cancel any word of failure,  negativity and plan of the enemy against untimely death. 

At this juncture,  the Servant of God Prophet Sunday Obi praised God for using the Father of the Commission, Papa Abraham for a wonderful work at the Prayer Mountain every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays of the week for the teaching of the word 

The prayer mountain marked its second anniversary with prayers offered by the General Overseer himself where he the commitment of the Oracle of God in charge. 

The wonderful voices of the Arena Echo international choir was just at its best all through as the congregation never got tires of dancing and singing to the glory of Master Jesus. 

The word with the theme “Breaking of Generational curses “, was presented by Pastor Stanley Williams who also doubles as the Administrative Secretary of the Commission. 

He prayed to God to break any yoke that speaks evil against believers.  When things are not working in your favor definitely something has gone wrong. 

God was angry with Solomon as he worshipped other gods thence he was cursed. Curses are inherited or transferred.  Today strange gods into our families speaks against generation. 

‘Pastor Williams prayed that the yoke of generational curses be broken. Thank God,,  the God I serve cannot be hidden or stolen .If only we can pray like Racheal in the Bible. That Racheal js you – Alleluia”.

“Today, he added,  God will be grieved at what you are passing through. He prayed that God should cancel evil mark on our faces and turn to favour, prayed against any failure in our marriages, career and finances and that God should destroy every ungodly covenant speaking against believers. 

He prayed to God to open the gates of heaven to pour out His abundant blessings upon our lives and that of our families.. 

The references were made from the Bible. These includes Exd 20:1-5/1kings11:4-6/Gen 31:44-52/35:16-20/Matt 2:18/Gal:6-17/isa.28-18/22:25 amongst others 

Ministering,  Prophet Sunday Obi, said “the greatest mistake the devil made was to allow Jesus to die”. The blood of Jesus Christ is power. It is what breaks the yoke in our lives   .

“When all hope is lost, He Jesus began a chapter in our lives. Our evil deeds have brought curses upon our lives and upon our generation. “

The curses in our families are caused by us. And when curses enters you,  God will deny you.

Obi wept as he said God’s wrought shall soon visit Akpabuyo local government council of Cross River State over their iniquity committed by the people living there.  It is going to be a doom. They have killed so many souls and God is angry. 

In his corporate prayer points, Obi declared whatever the enemy has planted inside believers shall die,  every generational curses in our families, my life that is  battling against me,  today enough is enough. 

“Oh Lord God,  let the blood of Jesus Christ speak for me in the morning, evening and anti clockwise and the blood of Jesus protect us and Oh Lord God whatever,  that I have failed you have mercy upon our lives, “

He backed up the ministration with the word of God from 2Sm  11:14 And it came to pass in the morning, that David wrote a letter to Joab, and sent it by the hand of Uriah.

There were life touching testimonies, healing, deliverance and prophetic declarations in the lives of believers. It was an explosive and awesome service. 

God’s presence was made manifest from the opening prayers till the end of service.

Keep a date with God as the forthcoming Tarry night shall be on, August 20th, 2021. It gonna be “explosive and an uncommon experience with powerful men of God.  Come and have an encounter with God. God bless you as you attend in  Jesus Name Amen. There shall be no service in the morning being Friday. 

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