The Presence Of God Overshadowed Darkness As They Tarry All Night


Josh  2:11 says “And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the LORD your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath.”

He is God. He has nothing to loose as God. He is God in heaven and in the earth as it were. No wonder he remains the Alpha and Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He does the impossible things, that which no man can do. He is a great God forever.

Yes, August 20th, 2021, shall remain ever green in the minds of ministers and workers of God’s Arena of Liberty including the General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Obi as God’s presence was manifest during the tarry night. They had fasted towards the program and prayed for signs and wonders, healing, deliverance. breakthrough, overflow and that there should be no rain.

“At first, as early as 8.30 pm, there was an overflow. The hall was filled. The place was saturated with the spirit of God while the angels were on guard as any evil manifestation of any king. His manifest presence was uncommon and real.

Came the opening prayers from a powerful daughter of Zion, Pastor Jacinta Innocent anchoring under very high spiritual frequency. She offered prayers against powers and principalities during the tarry night. 

The congregation was charged following her prayer pattern as directed by the Holy Spirit. References were made from the Bible verses Ps.81:5/4:2/Jer. 29:13 and Ps. 139:1-7.

The Intercessory prayer was conducted by no other person than, a tested and vibrant man of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong, who through the spirit of God invited His manifest presence.

“Where there is God, there is fullness joy, honour, and glory”2 Cor  3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Swpirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

He prayed for the manifest presence of God in our lives, marriages, businesses, careers and finances. Also, he prayed for the mercy of God to live and function, restoration of joy of our salvation, against every power of darkness, against spirit of infirmity and against any pain in our lives.

The powerful man of God says “God is the answer to all our problems. We need to give him Thanksgiving at all times because He owns our life”.

He backed up his prayers from 2 Cor.3:17/Ps.16:11/97:5/John1:5/Rom. 8:11 and Isa. 12:3 respectively.

As this was ongoing, God revealed so many prophesies concerning the fruit of the womb and job opportunities. The messages were immediately delivered to them by the Prophet. 

The time for the Word came, as the General Overseer joyfully ushered in another great woman of virtue, a vessel of honour and a daughter of Zion, Pastor (Mrs.) Rita Kelvin for her presentation.

Describing God, she said, “God is everywhere you go. He is all knowing. In the darkest hour, He is there for you and I.”

She burst into a song which goes thus, ” we are in His presence, let it rain” while the congregation sang and danced with enthusiasm”.Β 

According to her, “when God manifest his presence, He reveals his glory. He wants us to move beyond just having a consciousness of Him, but having personal encounter. Knowing God is not enough, but having his manifest presence in your life matters most”.

There are many examples of the manifest presence of God as recorded in the Bible. Burning bush, ten plagues, river Nile turning to blood, painful sores, locusts and death of all the first male child amongst others.

There danger of losing the presence of God. When you dwell in sin. When Christ is manifested in the life of a sinner, the power of sin is broken and righteousness takes effect.

She also noted some points which attracts the presence of God which includes ” praise, seed sowing and prayer.

Also, one benefits from His presence, through spiritual strength, divine protection, wisdom and Holy Spirit.

Below are Bible verses to buttress her teaching. 1Jhn.3:8/Exd.3:2-7/7:14/15:22/her.16:21 among others. Acts.2:2-4/16:25-26/1king3:4-5/Isa. 40:31/ps. 91:1/provb21:1 and Eph.5:18.

She declared that today our problems have been broken like the Red Sea. We have a new song because God has turned around our stories. The horses and riders against us have been thrown into the Red Sea. Amen!.

She requested for Altar call for unbelievers to come and give their lives to God as a gate way for their salvation. Christ in you is the hope to your problems. Let Christ manifest in your body and soul. Alleluia! Amen!.

The man of praise and worship, no other person than the General Overseer. Prophet Sunday Obi, as usual danced to the choir stand as he sang “Baba we praise your Name, you are worthy to be praise”. He prayed and joyfully sought for an encounter with God.

He said “God hates sin. Everybody has a potential and that is what attracts humanity to follow you. When the presence of God comes, there is always a change of story.”

Obi described Satan as a fool, else he should not be disturbing the children of God every time having known that it can not challenge Him”.

He prayed for pregnant women,against sucking of blood and miscarriage.

The corporate prayers hinged on so many societal vices disturbing the children of God. He prayed against evil altars, evil gathering, power of darkness, evil trees and the earth speaking against believers.

Finally, he offered prayers for supernatural turnaround in our finances, marriages, career and employment among others.

The tarry night which is the third in the series since the inception of the ministry/outreach attracted people from far and near. They came, believed and got their blessings. It was an uncommon tarry night filled with the glory of God as the theme implies “The Manifest Presence Of God”.

There was an overflow, instant testimonies, deliverance, healing and the presence of God.

Really, His manifest presence overshadowed darkness. Amen and Amen.

Arena Echo International choir was at its best with a lot of praise and worship songs to engage the congregation.

Drama and Bible recitation were presented to entertain the audience.

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