A Loud “Amen” Transformed Their Dry Bones And Set Them Free


The hall Friday’s service looked scanty because of the early hours  rain which saw many worshippers missing the blessing of God as the Angels were on hand to receive believers and offload the gifts they had brought forthwith.

Spirituality, those who have eyes saw as the place was full of life and happiness as God himself was ready to unleash His abundant blessing to those that have trust  and believed in Him.

Knowing that God is all knowing and has never been compared with any man, the Prophet of God, did not allow the rain nor the picture the devil had painted to deter Him. 

He began by praising and worshipping His Master Jesus, giving Him all the glory He deserves as the rain quietly stopped.

That was the first sign He honoured as worshippers begin to arrive in their numbers.

Before now, the “Mother of the Commission, Pastor (Mrs) Sarah Abraham, had presented the Intercessory prayer points as it were through powerful prayer connection.

She prayed for the dry bones in our businesses, marriages, career, sickness, barrenness , poverty and other related issues to die in Jesus Name Amen.

The seasoned minster of God also prayed that the hand of God should be upon the Prophet in the house so that he will always do His will.

She prayed to God to say one word to transform the lives of his people. Anything that is holding our destiny let our God open up the grave and set us free.

“Dry bones, she said, shall rise again to praise and worship the Lord.”

She took her intercessory prayer points from Eze 37: 1-4/11 to buttress her point.

Prophet Sunday Obi had prayed against a vision and asked God for a reverse and to transform the ministers and workers to leave a righteous life at all times.

As a result, he seek for God’s mercies upon his children so that they can part take in His blessinge.

He raised many song and sang and danced as the  Arena Echo International Choir gave him a tremendous back up while the congregation joined in the dance as they  praised his Holy Name.

“Only you can do what no man can do Jehovah, I prayed, I prayed Lord Jesus Answered me, I will do your will in any condition, in life or death, I will do your will” .

This took the Arena Echo International choir to anchor her special number before the most powerful Minister, the man close to the Prophet who doubles as the Admin of the Commission, Pst. Stanley William was ushered in by the General Overseers, Prophet Sunday Obi to the pulpit to deliver the Word.

The theme for the service is “The bones shall rise again”. He said, inspite of what you are passing through in life, for the fact that you are alive, He has a purpose for you”.

” I have come to announce to you that today, there is a Mighty hand of God to shield you. He is there for you.”

The man of God said “most a times, we are the cause of our problems because we give out information to our enemies.

He therefore said that the Mighty hand of God is always there to guide and protect. God has always been there for you. The service today is for a purpose, to transform and give you a change of story.

“There is absolutely nothing you can do for God. Rather you can only say thank you Lord. A time of offering should be your joyful moment because you are so special to God”.

He queried ” who has taken your marriage, children, finance, business to the evil altar? Why me? Why are things not working for me? But today a loud Amen, shall set you free. Cutting down a tree with fruits is abnormal. Today is going to be a change of story. Alleluia!.

He said “it is not everyone that is close to you loves you. The devil is so wicked, but today every demon or dry bone in our lives  will leave again, Amen.

Happy as ever before, Prophet Sunday Obi, the man who has humanity at heart declared today” a day of joy. I see grace opening to vomit that which they have swallowed. I see a change of story. Whether the devil likes it or not, every dry bone shall rise again. “

He however wondered why worshipers preferred to come to church late thereby keeping the servant of God waiting. Humanity, does not like humility. God is a faithful God. My simplicity he said should not be taken for granted. He also referenced Ezekiel, 37:1-4.

The children of Israel angered God. They lived in sins and were not accessing the blessing of God at a time. Their sins kept them into captivity before coming to seek God’s face.

The power of God is supreme at all times. It rules the world  and heals the sick. It clears and cleanses our sins. I speak like the servant of God. I speak to every dry bone to rise up and live in the Name of Jesus Amen..
He said “it is sin that will make you look like a rotten bone in the valley. Every spirit of dryness, today is your last day. Get out and die. I know my Redeemer liveth.

Various prayer points were offered to the glory of God.

I love my Pastor is fixed for November 12, 2021 while our last Tarry Night for the year comes up November 26th, respectively.

There were testimonies, deliverance, healing, prophetic declaration in many believers lives. The service was awesome with grace and Thanksgiving to the Almighty God.

For as many that stepped their feet inside the Arena never left without enough blessing. It was filled with an uncommon grace and rising of dry bones.

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