God’s Arena Of Liberty Outreach Empowers Her Ministers And Workers In Another Spiritual Seminar


As the Ministry begins to grow in numbers, so is the spiritual aspect of the ministers and workers are being built week after week.

This is made possible by the General Overseer Prophet Sunday Obi, who through his wisdom had organised three spirit power packed seminars for the ministers and workers in the outreach since inception.

Also he had made it a point of duty to pick any minister or worker to give the Word every Thursdays during their weekly meetings. This is the wisdom of God in him.

This has paid off as nothing takes the ministers and workers by surprise again.

Declaring the seminar open on Saturday, September 25th 2021, the Servant of God, said the seminar was organised to built the spiritual capacity of his ministers and workers.

He said “what I am doing today is to empower you spirituality so that you can defend your calling anytime, anywhere”.

“As a ministers you need to be prepared with the Word of God at anytime. You need to defend your faith as a believer or born again. And you can only achieve this by been bold to preach the Word of God to win souls for Jesus Christ”.

He reminded them of the need to carry or flaunt their Holy Bible anytime anywhere. This is your identification the Bible as a minister or worker in God’s vineyard.

The admin. PST Stanley Williams had earlier introduced the ministers you were to present papers during the seminar to participants.

They are PST. Thompson Ubong,PST Officer Omini Ojah and PST Jacinta Innocent.

First to mount the. Pulpit was PST Jacinta Innocent who spoke on the sub theme ” the power of character and ethics in leadership” under the topic for the seminar “In pursuit of Excellence” Daniel 6:3″.
She started by defining leadership as a shared reality and a unique calling. It is influence exerted over others, whereas “ethics” means rules,principle and moral standards of Christendom. “

She said leadership is influence and is classified into three categories, the calling stage, the stage of servanthood and ordination stage.

Speaking further she said character is built upon the foundation of love, honesty and compassion for others.
She took the participants to the Bible to justify the character of a leader in Exodus 31:1/1kingd 2:1/Exodus 2:11-12/2,kings 2:3,6,12/Rev 2:9-10/Prob20:19 respectively. Such leaders in the Bible include David, king Solomon, Saul , Job, Joseph, Moses, Daniel and Esther among others.

There are charismatic, intellectual and visionary leaders without character, morals and conscience, she noted. Rather, we need leaders with conviction and principle.

The only way to correct our flaws is by developing a positive character while serving humanity. The common sin of leaders is “disobedience and pride. Read Rev.3:8-14-19Luke 18:9-14/1john 2;16/jer.9:23-24 .

The way forward is to accept responsibilities as your past mistakes, go back to God and make him your first role model.

“There is something the anointing and the glory of God does to a man, it makes you look like you are not human”. Leadership is all about setting examples true leadership means to become a person of distinction. Daniel 9:2/Matt.23:13-14/,Josh.1;8 and Matt.5:13-16.

In his paper entitled ” marks of an effective worker, PST Thompson Ubong took participants down the memory lane as he quoted Acts 6:3-4 to begins his teaching.

He questioned “who then is a church worker”. He is a believer whose life of regeneration is visibly evident, Someone who has decided to use his strength, time, talent and treasures to advance the Kingdom of God.

Furthermore, he is someone who is ready to do any assigned task and take up any responsibility as long as it is God’s work, he comes to church early, he takes directive from the General overseer, he is ready to defend the cause of the Kingdom, he is ready to go extra miles, and is dependable and trustworthy.
The church worker is be teachable, he must have relational skills, have positive attitude /faith oriented and in the right frame of mind always.
Ubong also spoke on the benefits of service which could be found in the following Bible verses. PS.92:13-14/Exd.23:25/Isa 38:1-3 and Rom. 4:4, 1st cor.3:8.

Another minister of God Pastor Officer Omini Ojah(ACA), who spoke on the topic ” Exercising Dominion through knowledge & understanding: A key to an Excellent Spirit ” cited Daniel as the preferred person above presidents and princes because of an excellent spirit in him. Read Daniel 6:3.

“Daniel was not born as an extra ordinary man, but an ordinary man like you and I”, he noted

“Knowing what to do per time and knowing whom your God is as well as having vast understanding of whom you are and how great your God is, both constitute a powerful key to an excellent spirit”.

” Knowledge and understanding is power and it is the master key to a life of Dominion, Hallelujah. No wonder the Bible queried that ” my people perish for lack of understanding. (Hosea 4:6).

“To have an excellent spirit is to live a life of Dominion. The process of being born again is the beginning of exercising dominion and perfecting in God’s dominion meant for man which was lost when Adam sinned, he pointed out”.

The seminar was attended by ministers and workers as well as other believers outside the ministry.
It was indeed an excellent experience with God.

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