Peculiar Ladies Holds Summit/Seminar To End 2021 Activities


Peculiar Ladies Association Nigeria (P. L. N) has successfully organised Women Summit/Seminar 2021 as part of activities to appreciate God for bringing the association to formation.

The marriage seminar took place at the auditorium of God’s Arena of Liberty at 11 Otu Ansa street, Calabar.

Welcoming guests and other invited personalities especially the General Overseer of God’s Arena of Liberty Prophet Sunday Obi and his wife, the President of the association Barr. Lady Jacinta Innocent thanked God for this day.

She briefly gave a run down on how it all started with a little beginning to the level it is today. This is as a result of commitment and resilient of some members.
.However, “it is victory for all of us as we have collectively worked thus far eight years ago”.

The theme of the Summit ” I am a woman, and not a woe to man” she said was carefully chosen to suit this august gathering and urged invited guests to listen to the guest speakers to do justice to the theme.

The first speaker, Unimnaย  Beshel Fidelis, is of the department of guidance and counselling, faculty of Educational Foundation Studies (Unical), spoke extensively on marriage and types of couples.

These includes “conflict – avoiding, validating, volatile, hostile and hostile -detached.” As a teacher, he defined them accordingly as their names are.

He sl

aid that lack of intimacy is one of the common causes of marital problems. It is not a good reason to cheat on your partner. If you are no longer interested in being intimate, consider talking to your doctor.

“The Nigeria society today seems to be passing through a very cohesive force of divorce problems which disturbs the peaceful living that exist between the wife and husband, he added”.

According to him, ” marital problems are common and can happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it ends up in divorce while in some, they  settle.”.

He talked about change in appearance, poor communication, infidelity, fertility struggles, money problems, trust and lies as issues that can break a marriage with lack of understanding.

The way forward to avoid marital problems include to keep silence, stop lies, allow sex, secrecy and don’t say I will revenge your spouse

Others are don’t deny him or her, be faithful, defend each others,provide security amongst yourselves, forgive each other, don’t think negatively, pay attention, and seek the face of God always.

He admonishes couples to be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave us.

Also speaking, Rev. Grace E. Sunday, said “as a woman, you cannot do it without God”.

She sub titled her paper as “I am not inferior or a woe”. The way you make your bed so shall you lie. It is not all about the ring you are wearing. It is all about your wisdom in the marriage. As a young lady, how do you reason?. Are you thinking about the wealthy man?
God is here today to direct you on how to prepare for your marriage. Go to 1 Sam. 1:6 and see what God says. I am not inferior. Your dominion is the way forward”. Be a woman of prayer warriors. Pray your problems out. Don’t sit down and wait for problems to over way you.

” Be a wife and not a knife. Pray for your man.  Talk to the counsel of Heavens. Don’t make yourself a woe. Keep doing good. God will reward you. Don’t be a nagging wife. Even when you are called names. Be a praying wife.

A gossiping wife is a woe. Avoid gossiping. Try your best. God will do the rest in your life. Be a kneeling woman and wife. Be romantic on your knees. Dk not rush over marriage. Be your husbands alarm..Read Gal. 6:7.

In her presentation, Rev.(Mr’s) Grace Ekong, described a woman as an extra being – that is a finished product of man. Read G. 1. in the Bible.

“A woman is a plus in the society. Every marriage/relationship is very unique and there are  challenges. She is a great thinker of our time”.

“Marriage is not a competition. Know your boundaries”. Behave yourself at all times.”.

While contributing , Prophet Sunday Obi, confirmed the role of women, saying ” 75 percent role are carried out by them in the house “.

Therefore, “he said, you must learn to manage the home, be clean, don’t look at wealth before marriage.”

Obi warned women to be careful because men are ” deceivers”. Check the background of a man before accepting marriage. The best life to live is to be in marriage.

The Summit/Seminar was well attended by both married couples and single men and women.

There was  fund raising to support the association continue in her humanitarian activities within Cross River state.

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