Vacant Seat In The House Of Reps Ogoja/Yala CRS: Chief Henry  Onwe  Unveils  Plans

 BY: Nick Nwaneri, Calabar

As the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives announced  that the Ogoja/Yala Federal constituency vacant, Chief Henry 0nwe has unveiled Coordinators in the 24 wards of the constituency.

Onwe who has won five social media polls successively in the past two months in line with his aspiration at the weekend inaugurated twenty four  coordinators with each representing  each of the wards in Ogoja and Yala Local Government Areas.
 Addressing the Coordinators along with stakeholders,  the business mogul  charged them to take their responsibility seriously and also be mindful not to stray  outside the tenets of the APC and democratic principles. 

“Let me charge you to take this business seriously, carefully and within the tenets of our party, APC and democratic principles”.

Chief Onwe  stated that his aspiration is premised on his vision to change the  style of representation  which has long been depriving the constituents of the area  benefits of democracy, emphasizing that he will ensure that  constituency votes are  prudently spent to uplift the people which it is meant for. .

He said in 1998 when erstwhile governor, Mr Donald Duke began his consultation to rule the state many people thought it was a joke  but Duke and few of his supporters  came and brought the change which transformed the state assuring that he has all it takes to run for the election and win.

“I started active politics  in 1998 and in 1999 I   became the first Chapter Secretary of PDP in Yala and I have been following . in 2007 I became the first Caucus Secretary of PDP  in Yala Local Government Area and I  have strictly been following.  In the past two months,  we have been consulting with party leaders and stakeholders across the twenty four wards of the Constituency and the response we have received is what really encouraged us  to announce our intention to run for the office of House Representatves

” Some of us have put in so much and have benefited  very little.  It is because of the choice of the people we make who go into office and want to acquire the whole wealth in the world, choice of people with total  selfishness but the  time has changed . We have a young, vibrant person in me  who  wants go into National Assembly and  create jobs and employment for our people. The people of Ogoja and Yala are predominantly farmers, we will supply them with high yield farm inputs”.

Chief Onwe stressed that it is the duty of a Rep member to apply funds meant for  constituency projects  in his constituency and when elected he will ensure that funds are strictly applied to his  constituency.

He thanked Senator Professor Ben Ayade for operating a youth friendly administration and assured that he wll walk  the footsteps of the governor whom he referred to as the   Super Digital Leader of our time by  making sure that the  people in the constituency have a feel of his representation.

The philanthropist added that the governor who is the leader of the party  shall provide guidance on who will become the flag bearer of the party and advised all aspirants to respect the decision of the leadership of the party when the time comes as every one will be carried along during the election and after the victory.

Also speaking, a stakeholder of the Party from Wanehim ward, Mr. jacob onawo eulogised Onwe, saying he is and obedient and faithful son of Ukelle  who has always been  interested in the affairs of the ordinary people and supportive of  the progressive ideas not only the sons and daughters of Ukelle but Yala Local Government generally.    

 He opined that, Yala 2 constituency deserves to be supported to have the party’s ticket and to win at the general election because it has not had the opportunity to represent the constituency which he sentimentality said Yala 1 has severally done. 

The Coordinators were handed campaign materials  including billboards, posters,  banners, fez caps and handbills for spread in all parts of the constituency.

The vacancy was recently made vacant following Rt Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe’s Supreme Court victory over former Senator Stephen Odey, from Yala. Jarigbe who is from Ogoja, was sworn into the upper chamber of the NASS on September 15 2021.

The Cordinators inaugurated are;Abbas  Yusuf , Mfuma/Ntrigom ward. Charles  Eni  Bassey  Ijiraga ward Ogbaji Richard Eje,  Igede ward David  Dan Neji,  Wanokom ward nnocent  Lukpata,  Wanikade war  Julius Ochu  Yahe  ward.  Jacob  Onawo  Wanihem  ward  Gabriel  Ibu,  O’oh ward and  Benjamin  Ogar Oklebe , Okpoma 

Others are Tony Okache,   Ugaga  ward Ogar Jacob  Ugbada,  Okuku  Oko Odey, Echumofana wardAugustine Oko Ogar, Gabu wa Okori Ajima Urban,   ward  (Ngaji Atabi Urban  ward (1)Joe Oyim Adagom, Mbube west ward (2) Clement  Agba Offere mbube East ward (1) Hon. Lawrence  Mobu,  Nkum Ibor Memory  Uguma, Nkum Irede ward Alfred  Mordi Abe , Ekajuk 1 21Hon Lawrence  Mogre Ekajuk ward 2 Eri John Obi,  Mbube East ward (1)  Celestine  Ogar Ogbedu, Mbube east (2)

In retrospect, it will be recalled that Chief Henry Igelle  Onwe has  taken  clear leadsc  in  five polls seeking to identify the preferred aspirant among those  contending  for the Ogoja/ Yala vacant Reps post  by winning  in fourth Social Media surveys back-to- back.

The most recent  survey by Lukpata Ebiale Julius  a Facebook user saw Chief Onwe  win the survey out of the eight  aspirants listed by the Facebook user. These are: Dr Julius Okputu, Mr Mike Usibe,  Chief Henry Onwe , Dr Hippolatus Lukpata, Mr Jude Ngaji Hon John Ulafor,  Barrister Godwin Ofiono and Amvassador  Emmanuel Asegem with a convincing lead of 90% of the comments  in his favour 

Out of a total of 54 comments at the time of compiling this analysis, Chief Onwe had polled 37 in his favour, Dr Julius Okputu, six, Mr Mike Usibe , four,  Mr Jude Ngaji two, Mr Godwin Ofiono , one , Ambassador Emmanuel Asegem,  one positive comment  while Dr Hippolatus Lukpata and  Hon John Ulafor were yet to record any comment in their favour.

One interesting aspect of the poll is that  the commentstors going by their names cut across all the tribes of Ukelle, Yala and Yache with majority of them polling in favour of Onwe..

In one moving comment , a lady by name Eganalydia Uwem wrote “Chief Henry Onwe is the answer .A man full (sic) with the capacity to do the job”

Another comment from one Elias Onah says “Chief Henry Onwe has no better competitor . He remains a loud voice for the voiceless masses’These comments by the people for a. keen in getting a competent Ukelle son at the House of Reps  unambiguously have spoken for the teeming masses and if  the election is conducted today Chief Onwe would clearly win with a wide margin.

Three other polls conducted earlier saw  Chief Onwe successively beibg identified  as the man best for the  Ogoja/Yala Reps: position.

CHIEF  Onwe  emerged winner of  first two earlier  online polls conducted by social media influencers   seeking to identify  a preferred candidate among the plethora of aspirants gunning for the Ogoja/Yala House of Representatives post.

The  first two  were conducted by  Ogar, Solomon Ogar and Hilary Uchiche on FaceBook both  gave victory  to  Chief Onwe as the most popular aspirant as Chief Onwe  victory.

The  next after the two was by Yala Voice vote which  had about 178 responses in reaction to the question, “Who is your next MP? Ogoja/Yala in mind”. The question did not provide any clue as to who are the contestants but the voters instantaneously provided the names. Among them are: Barrister Ofiono, Mike Usibe, Chief Henry Onwe, Jude Ngaji , Hon John Ulafor  and Emmanuel Asegem who is a new entrant to the race.

In the poll,  Chief Onwe had a clear lead with with 95 votes, Mr Mike Usibe, Six , Barrister Ofiono, Five ,Jude Ngaji ,Four, Emmanuel Asegem , four, Hon Ulafor and four votes respectively.

The question did not specify party lines and the responses were not also based on party lines.

In Hilary Uchiche  vote which was done on August 26, Chief Onwe also had a landslide victory by winning 60 percent of the votes.

In the one by Solomon Ogar,  Chief Henry Onwe also  comes  tops in social media profile of five House of Reps aspirantsThe listed aspirants include: Chief Henry Onwe, Dr Julius Okputu, Hon John Ulafor, Hon Ogona Lukpata and Hon Mike Usibe all from constituency one which has sympathy of the people.

Out of 199 comments monitored by our reporter, Chief Henry Onwe got thirty nine approvals, Dr Okputu, fifteen positive comments, Hon Usibe ten, Hon Lukpata four and two questioning if he ‘must taste all’ implying that must he contest all positions in the constituency?

The profile done by  Ogar Solomon,  a PDP apologist  on his FaceBook page on Friday, 27/8 with the question, “who do you support for House of Reps Yala/Ogoja, “, many responses from both Yala Constituency One and Constituency Two gave Chief Onwe the nod to occupy the post 

Many comments identify Chief Onwe as human, selfless, approachable and kind

One Friday Oleja says of  Chief Onwe ” let the youths have the mantle of power. Chief Henry Onwe is pragmatic and capable for the job”.

Another response from one Nwachukwu Onyeza ‘ If you look at those occupying House of Reps seats from other constituencies you notice that the occupants are young and vibrant,  Chief Henry Onwe is the best man for the job haven passed all tests like accessibility and youthfulness. Who the cap fits let him wear”

Many responses of this nature can be read on Ogar Solomon’s page for confirmation .
 The responses show a clear lead by Onwe and apparently, more interesting days are ahead.

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