God Unconditionally Releases His Blessings Without Looking At Their Faith


By:Vitalis Ugoh

There is no gain-saying to describe  last tarry night programme of God’s Arena Of Liberty Outreach as most uncommon, fire packed and spiritually fulfilled  experience with God the Father, The Son and The Holt Spirit  

The manifest presence of God was extraordinary, felt by those that have the grace of God and that can see. 
The reason was not far fetched just as the opening prayers which was in three segments ended, then followed by the Intercessory prayer points,, the Arena was filled with the fire of God. He came down with His Glory and began to manifest. 

There was opening prayers committing the night to God,  prayers of warfare and against every evil spirit with the theme “Divine Manifestation To Destroy The Works Of Darkness” taken from 1Jhn 3:8.in the Bible.

It was a powerful prayer points presented by the three ministers of God.  The message was direct according to what God says.  They prayed as He directed using His Word. 

The following Bible verses can further assist you as you go through them  1Jhn 5:1-6/Exd.12:12/Heb.12:29/Isa.3:8-9/1Cor 14:23 .

The General Overseer,, Prophet Sunday Obi, said this is the last tarry night for 2021 and God will raise. stone to worship and praise  Him. Today God says “backwardness, sickness,  worries, and  disappointments  have all ended.

“Today,  deliverance,  healing and casting of demons shall take place like never before. Powers of darkness shall flee”.

As usual,  it was time for the Intercessory prayer.  The minister of God filled with grace and wisdom of God,  Pastor Thompson Ubong,  urged the congregation to offer Thanksgiving to God for all he has done for us as individual and as families from January till this day. Oh,  what a Mighty God.

He said “even in the land of Canaan,  there was fight.  There is fight every where today. Nobody is free and safe”

He offered prayers against “every conspiracy in our lives,and  household, negative plans,  and prayed for their destruction in Jesus Name Amen. 

Read the following Bible verses Acts10:38/1Chro. 22:31/Isa.10:27/2Chro 4./10:11-/lk 21:15 

The high point of the night was the  sharing of the “Word” by the greatest teacher, a model,  a minister, spirit filled, grace and wisdom,  understanding and most significantly the Father of the ministry, Papa Abraham. 
He was humbly and respectfully ushered to the Pulpit by the General Overseer Prophet Obi.  It was a great honour and privilege to have him as my Father, he observed. 

He started like His Master Jesus with a praise “Jesus is passing this way”. The word is God, This God that was manifested in the flesh  Jesus Christ is the manifested God.  Read 1Tim. 3:16/Lk 7:16″

“1Tim  3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”

He said when Jesus died he went to hell to preach the gospel. We are sons of God because we have received Jesus Christ and we have the Holy Spirit as recorded in Gal  4:6/eph  4:7 ” 

“Jesus is here right now to heal,  to deliver, cast out demons and set the captives free”.

“Gal  5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,”. This is God for you “

You can read the following Bible verses 1Chron.12:7/Eph 49:11/lk 7:16/7:11-16/Isa53:1/lk7:1-/Mk  9 accordingly.

The ministration was powerfully and spiritually influenced as the man of God speaks the word of God,  there was healing, deliverance instantly confirming his presence and power. 

Prophet Obi admonished believers to refrain from sin so as to connect with God always for their blessing.

He cited John 3:14/1John5:4 to support his teaching and he offered several corporate prayer points to overwhelm the powers of darkness and allowed divine manifestation to to control of the night 

He described the Tarry Night as a pass-over to 2022 with God abundant blessings. He blessed the “Mantle”  before it was gracefully handed over to over 500 worshipers 

He announced that there shall be a powerful crusade in the first quarter of 2022 as it marks its fourth anniversary.  Alleluia! 

Thank God I was there to receive God’s abundant blessings  Glory be to God. God was there in action. Thank God for the security and weather.  It was the Lord’s doing. 

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