He Renewed Their Faith As They Praised Him At 1st Service In 2022


The theme for the first service at God”s Arena of Library outreach aka “Enough is Enough” is “Praise For Divine Intervention”. 

Frankly speaking,  it was a Divine theme having ended the year 2021 in praise and worship. Obviously, it became expedient to start the year with praise and worship. And that was what took place on January 7th, 2022 at No.11 Otu Ansa street along Immigration headquarters in Calabar.

Spiritually, it was well packaged with prophesies as they praise and worship their God.  

The Servant of God, “the ‘Major 1′ and Ekwueme 1’ as far as God is concerned, had informed the worshippers to get ready for their prophesies as God had enough mercies for His children. And he began to release them one after the other according to his instructions. It was awesome and uncommon.

As the praises continues, ” it repels their depression, gives them freedom, renews their strength, fulfill his purposes of creating us, releases us from the weight of our sins and directs our faith in God”.

Psa  107:8-9 says “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness”.

This was exactly what took place on January 7th,2022 during the first service of the year. God was in control. There was no deliverance, but only His prophesies onto his children. There were signs of joy and relief amongst the congregation as the prophesies poured out ceaselessly.

The intercessory prayers which was handled by the Mother of the Ministry, PST. Mrs. Sarah Abraham. The prayer points were centred on Thanksgiving and praises for the Lord is good all the time.

She offered prayers for God’s grace in our lives, against any evil lifting an embargo on our family, against unfriendly friend, God should show us the right man at the right time.

Also she prayed against any carry over sickness, debt, failure,  depression and stagnation of any sort. There shall be no lack of any form in our lives, open doors, marriages, job opportunity etc.

She raised her prayer points from the following Bible verses. Ps.65:11/Da.3:7/Jn.19:26/Micah7:5/Jn5:6 respectively.

The Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, the prophet of our time, had said “it can only be praises and as such, directed that the guest speaker should only use twenty minutes to deliver the Word as we continue with praises.

Being a seasoned minister of God and the youngest,  Rev. Kingdom Obi, speaking on the theme “praise for divine intervention” says, the easiest way to attract Gods attention is through praise. Praise Him always and without season.

“Praising God is very important. He loves praises. It brings you closer to God. Gods presence changes your situation. He did for Paul and Silas. He will do it for you and I”.

“Believe in God and he will deliver you. How do we praise God. Is it with a clean heart? Change your pattern of praising God. When you praise God miracles happens. Be expectant while praising God and He will surely do it for you. Praise him with a clean heart and joyful mind always”.

” God she says is still in the business of doing good. He can never get tired. It is the level of your commitment and determination that will open doors for you. Praise God and believe”.

Finally, she says ,” a sinful heart doest not attract Gods favour”.

You can read Luke 21:23/2Chro.13:14-16 to support her teaching.

And the prophesies continues as the Servant of God danced and danced into the congregation. He had wished every one Happy New Year.

God he says had fought the battle for us. You will be  celebrated this year. Every battle is vanished. Every failure will become uplftmeant. Today,  there is testimony in our lives Amen.

There were testimonies in the house of God. It was marvellous in His sight. 2022: Greatness is my birth place in Christ”.

God’s Arena Of Library outreach is celebrating its 4th Anniversary on January 14th, 2022 while the Prophet will mark his birthday come February 12th, 2022.

Come one!! come all.!!!

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