Jesus Gave Them Testimonies And Victory As They Waited Up Upon The Lord


There was joy in the air even as the Angels of God continuously rejoiced with Master Jesus Christ for releasing several testimonies and granting his children victory for their diligence in holiness in totality throughout the seven days annual fasting and prayers in God’s Arena of Library aka “Enough is Enough”.

To say the lest, this years fasting and prayers is with a difference. There was prayer point, a brief charge and praise and worship to blend the whole exercise. It was indeed spiritually well packaged to the glory of His Name.

In December 2021, it was a Thanksgiving

ending, came the pass over another Thanksgiving and yet as the people embarked on a seven days fasting and prayers, He gave them testimonies and a victory song – Alleluia!.

It started  like a child’s play but ended in a huge success as Jesus was manifest fully on Sunday to break the 7-days spiritual exercise. The Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, had repeatedly told the ministers and workers as well as the congregation that there are so many prophetic messages from God and He kept to His Word.

The Friday service was like well let’s hold it as it were, but Sunday’s breaking of the 7-days fasting and prayers became more interesting. The angels were at work. God Himself was present. He touched His people without bias nor colour. The prophetic messages were coming like a flowing river endlessly.

The intercessory prayer points on Friday was delivered by Pst. Bridget Orim who drew her inspiration from Ps.121:1-2 in the Holy Bible.

She prayed against witches and wizards, against failure in marriages, for family members to have their breakthrough and for spiritual upliftmen in 2022.

Also prayers were offered against blood suckers, evil men and women, against any death in our families as well as open doors in 2022.

She also prayed that in 2022, people will celebrate us and our households and that there must be a change of story in our lives – Amen.

It was a warfare prayer point as she gave thanks  unto the Lord for prayers answered.

The Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, had prayed for the country Nigeria, especially as the primaries will soon commence. Nigeria is a spiritual Isreali, calling on God to guide and protect us as He did to the Children of Isreal in the days of old.

The God of Arena will judge our rulers after now because of their bad leadership. God should frustrate all the plans of evil politicians in this country and scatter them by fire.

Presenting the Word “Benefit of Prayer and Fasting”, he urge the people to seek the face of the Lord always and every of their prayers will be answered.

Learn to communicate and study the Word of God, which is God Himself. God reveals himself to you when you are fasting and praying with clean heart. When you call God, He will answer you.

He shared most of the benefit of fasting and prayers which include, speedy response, divine guidance, renews your strength, opens doors and delivers one from sin among others.

Fasting and prayers will fight those who oppress you, there will be an overflow in your life, your situation will change, the Rod of God will fall upon your enemies and you shall be victorious as you fast with understanding.

It takes off challenges, it clears demons in you, it causes Satan to flee from you because man is richer and higher than Satan. Man has dominion over all other creatures on earth.

He sings, “I need a miracle in my life” and danced his way to the choir stand. The time to favour Zion has come, I need my own miracle’.

He offered different kinds of corporate prayers seeking the face of His Master Jesus Christ to manifest with His numerous blessings.

He prayed and prayed as the congregation when agog with bright and shinning face waiting for testimonies to flow.

It was indeed an awesome service to the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

He took the teaching from Jer 33:3/Isa.58:9/58;11/40:31/58:6/Mt.6:16-18/17:21 respectively.

Ironically, Fridays normal service was filled with the grace of God, but it was climaxed on Sunday as the entire God’s Arena of Library outreach aka “Enough is Enough” was engulfed with prophetic messages, healing, blessings and deliverance all through. It was done and it was pleasant in His Sight. Amen.

He prophesied open doors for marriages in 2022,  a reversed hand of the cloak and no more borrowing to feed.
The breaking of the 7-days fasting and prayer program was spiritually handled by Pst. Jacinta Innocent as she presented a topic on fasting and prayers urging believers to change their narrative in 2022 for God to answer our prayers fast.

“As a minister, what are you doing as a pace setter in your unit in the church to add value?Are you contributing or destroying the church of God or building? The response and answer is yours as we progress in 2022

The youngest minister Rev. Kingdom Obi also offered intercessory prayers as the 7 days program came to a close giving Thanksgiving to God our Lord and Saviour. She cited  Isa.45:1-3 from the Bible.

It was a very powerful intercessory prayer points and God answered them all.
Before he released the final blessing, the Father of the Ministry, Papa Abraham, said “changing the narrative is to learn how to study the word of God always with understanding 

He says ” we need the spirit of revival at all times. What legacies did you leave while on earth. The ability to stand on your own with powerful prayers believing them to work for you.

At the end  he did what he promised to do. He gave them testimonies, blessing, prophesies and above all “an uncommon victory.

Keep a date with us on February 12, 2022 as the Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi will mark his birthday here with us. Rejoice with those who are rejoicingGod bless you as you key to this wonderful day in his life. Amen. 

2022: GreatnessBirth Place in Christ Jesus -Amen.

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