There Was Joy And Laughter In Their Faces As They Received Divine Reward For Serving God


“John  8:36 says “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. God said it and I believed it.  

The slogan for 2022 is “Greatness is my Birthright in Christ”. Truly, this year is a divine year. It has been from one  Thanksgiving, joy and laughter to another. From one  celebration to another. This time around , He gave them joy and laughter as reward for serving Him diligently and with great obedience. He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is a faithful God. Alpha and Omega. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  The way maker, the provider, the Mighty healer and the unchangeable God”.

Because He is a faithful Father,  He was on hand during Fridays service tagged ” Reward For Service ” to honour His own, especially those that serve Him diligently and with obedience abundantly.

The atmosphere looked dull in the flesh, but in the spirit, God’s presence was manifest on Friday abundantly for those who can see. The entire Arena was charged waiting for those who deserved reward for their services to be located by the Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi.

And because the hour has come and because His Word never returned void, He began to release the blessings from different directions. It was an unusual service routine. The Prophet began prophesying as the Holy Spirit directs. They that served Him diligently were spotted out as they got their reward prophetically.

There were no protocols any longer, but the Intercessory prayer points came very precised and direct powerfully as presented by Pst.(Mrs.) Bridget Orim, a woman of honour and humility. She presented it like a flash and gave the Prophet ample time to release more prophecies on the people of God.

There were prayer points on Thanksgiving to God for making us see the light of the day, inviting the Holy Spirit in our lives, God to come and take charge of the service and above all, that whatever that is deposited inside our body that is tormenting us let them be crushed and scattered today in Jesus Name Amen.

She raised prayer points over Arena, the Prophet in the house and his families, our various families and finally says “what God cannot do does not exist” and because we have diligently worked and still working for God, let Him release our own reward today in Jesus Name Amen.

Like I said earlier, the Servant of God continues where he stopped as he burst into a song “who no know Am Call Am Small Boy, Jesus Na Big Man o” as the Arena Echo International Choir was at hand as usual to give out her best.

It was fun every where. The service was ignited as the Prophet rendered several praise and worship songs as he flows spiritually into another realm.

“God is not a liar. He is not evil. He knows His Word. Thus says the Lord. Satan fears the word of God. He know the word also.He prayed against the spirit of lateness among believers and prayed God to instill in us the spirit of obedience.”.

He prayed that God should quicken the steps of as many people that wish to attend the service but are still at hone. He frowned at a situation where ministers and workers cone to church program late. How can you get reward. Reward for coming late? God is not a God of lateness at all. This is the work of the devil and must be rebuke


Thereafter, he graciously introduced the Woman of Virtue, Pst. (Mrs). Rita Kelvin to the pulpit as guest speaker for the Word tagged ” Reward for Service”.

Humbly as ever, she says “it pays to serve the Almighty God while it costs you something to serve the devil”. Serving God is a gainful adventure of life. Serving the devil is a wasteful endeavor of life. Read  the Book of Gen.37:38-39 the story of Joseph.

“God she says is a raiser of people and maker of people, God cannot use you and dump as the people of the World does, see Mat.4:18-19 for more illustrations. God is a rewarder of diligent labour. Serving God might be very demanding, but rewarding at the long last”.

God rewards divinely without a string but the devil attaches a prize to be paid for every of his so called reward. It can never give a free gift. No. Romans 6:23.

Speaking further, she says that there are benefits attached to reward for service for every diligent cause. These include ” supernatural supplies and divine health as can be seen in Ex 23:25/Deut.34:7 respectfully.

She prayed and concluded by calling on God to remember us and give us our reward for serving Him by the Blood of the Lamb Amen.

Furthermore, Prophet Sunday Obi, says there is always reward if you serve Him very diligently and obediently. There is reward for faithfulness. He rewards in marriages, career, finances, and businesses, name them. You cannot serve another God except God of Arena. The time is now. Ruth  4:13-17 “So Boaz took Ruth, and she was his wife: and when he went in unto her, the LORD gave her conception, and she bare a son”.

” If you are humble and obedient, you will get your reward. There is always a reward when you serve God diligently.”

He quoted 2Ki  2:12-15 “And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces to buttress his teaching.

” Your Jordan could be poverty, sickness, affliction, hardship or delay in marriages etc. But because you have stepped your feet here today, it is over Amen!. 

He reminded believers that there are evil reward when you serve Satan the devil. You will carry a curse when you serve the devil. Today, the God of Elijah will give you your reward and people will ask “how did it happen”. Today, because you served God diligently, your enemies will be the one to announce you as Mordecai rode on the King’s horse Alleluia!

“Today, my God has wiped away my tears and has given joy and laughter”.

While offering corporate prayers, he called on God to remove any satanic power fighting against our families and bring them to naughtiness Amen. He prayed for reward for our services irrespective of our sins, that God should take away sickness from us as it is from the kingdom of hell, therefore by the risen of the anointing, I command sickness out of our body in Jesus Name Amen.

The luckiest man was Bro. John Arikpo who has been afflicted for 22 years with torments and diseases turned a new leaf as God rewarded him divinely during Fridays service. The spirit of his dead wife left him spontaneously to the admiration of all. He was doing what he could not do 23 years ago. Who did it. God himself.Β 

The service was extraordinary and uncommon to the glory of God. It has never been any less than that but rather, it becomes better and better at every service. The God of Arena is faithful. He will continue to be faithful.

There was too many testimonies, healing, blessing and prophetic messages. It was powerful indeed. You need to be a witness. Next Friday may be your turn. How about that. This is an open invitation at No 11. Otu Ansa street after Immigration services headwaters, Atimbo. Connect at Gods Arena of Liberty in the Facebook page. You can like or comment on our page. God bless you.

Reminder: keep a date with us February 18,2022, official date for our Daddy in the House Birthday celebration in the Church. Your prayers/gift will be highly appreciated.

God bless you abundantly.

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