C’River (APC)Ward Four Caucus Calabar South Calls On Ayade To Run 2023 Presidency

BY: Nick Nwaneri, Calabar

Caucus Leaders of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) from Calabar South local government areas of Cross River state, have called on the Executive governor Prof. Senator Ben Ayade to run for the 2023 presidency because of his outstanding pedigree in governance in the state.

Speaking, Comrade Offiong Okon, the former special state leader of All Progressives’s Congress (APC) in Cross River state, said the call has become necessary so as to put things aright.

Okon made the call in Calabar during an interview where he pledged  total support to “our digital governor, His Excellency, Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade to run for the 2023 presidency’.

“We the members and caucus leaders in Ward 4 in Calabar South local government area of Cross River state have gathered here in one accord to urge our governor to run for the 2023 presidency. We are doing so because Ward 4 is the ward that sets the pace for others to follow.”

Therefore, “we are calling on our digital governor, our ever performing governor, to officially declare his intentions to contest the presidential election come 2023′,

Okon described him “as the best governor who knows how to cater and care for his people especially the youths. Over 20,000 young men and women are benefiting under his “food on the table” designed to carry along all and sundry in his administration. This is the first time in the history of the Cross River state that this is happening.”

He queried, “what more do we need from him. He has done so much. He has changed the narrative of old cartel. He has put youths in government. Today the youths form 70 percent of the executive in this government.”

He said ‘Our governor is youth friendly. Recently he gave the disable people hope by signing into law The State Disability Law.Ayade is carrying the women, the aged and vulnerable people along”.

According to him, “If he continues to repair the roads and here people are hungry and die, who will use the roads? That is why he makes sure that there is food on the table before building infrastructure. Any other administration can come and build infrastructure, but for us now, we need food on the table”.

The spokesman said, “he is the man who understands his people and their plight. He cares for the masses, hence he ism

He said “this time around the people of Cross River state will not stay and die in hunger. If he did it here as a governor, he will do better as a President of the most populous nation in Africa. Every family in the state has one or two members as beneficiaries.”

“If he wins, thee 774 local government in Nigeria there will be food on the table. So we are calling on him to come out to contest the presidency 2023, he added.”

On whether it is zoned to the South South, he said “what Nigerians need for now are people like Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade who has a large heart to mount that elated position of President. Who the cap feats let him wear it. Ayade has a digital global connection and he will deliver the dividend of democracy.”

Ayade has a lot of capacity to run for the presidency. He is a prof.  former senate member and a Barrister and currently a Executive governor of Cross River state.

He has governed the state for eight years and he knows the plight of the common man on the street, food on the table and here he provides.

Ayade is the only governor who had initiated the food on the table. He is the best governot for us, having taken this bold step.He will turn around the fortune of Nigeria as a successful industrialist of our time.

“Currently, there are so many cally investments in Cross River state scattered across the 18 local government areas. If given the opportunity, this time around, it will be Niaja this, Niaja that across the Country when given the opportunity as president. He will industrialize the country.”

So we are calling on him to aspire for the highest position in this country come 2023.

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