Jesus Answered Them At The Appointed Time…. As They Overcome Their Challenges


It has often been said that the day Jesus Christ shall come, no one will know. Therefore as believers, we must strive to leave a righteous life. A life worthy of emulation. Learn to keep God’s commandments and above all be obedient in all ramifications. Pray, fast, belong to groups in the church, come to church early and be holy. 

Indeed, it is not an over statement to acknowledge the presence of God in Friday’s service tagged “Overcoming Challenges and Securing Exemption'”.

The church was empty but ultimate Friday but his manifest presence was full and total with His angels carrying lots and lots of blessings but only few went home rejoicing with all manner of gift from God. His word shall never return void. Those that obeyed Him overcome their challenges and were exempted from the rout of God. Rather, they were abundantly blessed.

Because he is a loving Father, He kept his angels charged with the gift believing that His people will seek his face but the devil got them tied up without resistance.

The Prophet Sunday Obi had announced the presence of the Angels and the numerous gift God gave them for His people but wondered why some believers would allowed Satan to confuse and debase their lives.

“You must say no to a particular situation you have found yourself to be able to win the battle, else you will continue to be where you are, he noted”.

“The devil, is very cunny and crafty. He came to destroy, kill and to steal. He has no specific direction. His moves up and down looking for who to devour., Obi added.”

Before now, the daughter of Zion, Pst.(Barr.) Jacinta Innocent, a powerful minister of God with grace, while anchoring the Intercessory prayers, drew her strength from the following Bible verses Ps.34:17/34:19/Rom.8:23/PS.66:18 and James 5:7.

It was a moment of powerful supplication and prayers to God. Seeking his face and allowing His will to be done in our lives.

“Oh Lord God, sanitise my heart and grant me wisdom to handle all challenges and hurdles of life, expose me to know your Word and the ability to an encounter with you, increase my faith so that I may have better understanding on how to handle my challenges, Oh Lord God, grant me your peace to overcome challenges and grant me the grace to wait patiently until I receive your abundant blessings as my reward.

She also raised a prayer point  that God should not forsake his people, while they strive to toe His path, Amen.

The Prophet in the House had prayed for all single ladies for God to give their own husbands before the end of the year as he had given one of her daughters out for marriage.They all were advised to key in and get their own blessings.

Also, he called on christians  to go into politics to possess what belongs to us and correct the seemingly bad governance we are experiencing to across the nation.

“If you don’t join to change the narrative, the situation will become worse, he says’.

“We are lagging behind, stand up and go into politics to correct wrong doing”.

The Word was presented by the Youngest minister in the Commission, Rev. Kingdom Obi, as she did justice to the theme “Overcoming Challenges and Securing Exemption'”

She says, “it is the will of God that we prosper and to overcome. However, we need faith to overcome. As believers, challenges are bound to come, but He will give you strength and faith to overcome them. You must hear the Word, have faith and believe. You must make a move to show that you are tired of one situation or the other, else you will not overcome’.

“Trust God’s Word and His love. For God so loved the World and gave His only begotten Son to die for our sin”. Be conscious of God because he loves you always. Read Provb.3:5-6/Ps. 20:1-3 for further understanding.”

“Trust in God, he will help and comfort you. God remembers your days of suffering. Learn to pray, fast and to give alms to the needy. It is not all about money. We must learn how to give as Christians always.”

She says be persistent. Get tired of that helpless situation. Remain persistent. It might be in your academics, marriage, job, name it and God will surely exempt you in Jesus Name Amen.

You may wish to read the following Bible verses Job,22:29/Ps.11:1-11/1Sam.1:11.

She notes that ‘it takes an unwavering faith to overcome. The moment you are tired, the devil comes in. We should be able to enjoy Exemption’ as Christians. ‘1Cor  2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him”.

Salvation is key to us getting Exemption’ from God. You must have received salvation. You must make a covenant with God, like Hannah, David and Abraham to mention but a few in the Bible.

Be obedient. Go to church on time and always, go for evangelism, serve Him diligently, learn to love God and He will surely exempt youMake bold declarations. Say what God says. Speak positively always. He is a faithful God. Run to God and seek salvation. Forsake sin, give up and reconcile with God and every of your challenges shall be overcome and their shall be a secured exemption. Amen. Alleluia!.

Earlier, the Prophet had prophesied that Angels were handy and busy decorating Him and some people already announcing the presence of God.

He says, as a child of God, challenges must come your way, but what matters is the ability to overcome. It could make you strong or change your story. But not until you are tired of it, it may not leave you. It is a necessity but how to get exempted matters. It is like death living in us. We must die one day. You can read Deut.31:6-8/Isa.41:13 and Ps.121:1-2.”

He later offered several corporate prayers against demon and witches in our families and communities working against our interests.

Said, Oh Lord God, give me the grace to overcome my challenges, evil council of evil working against our families let them be scattered, change my story for good and that of my family members, and Oh Lord God, destroy any evil clay pot working against us in our family compound in the Name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

The service which looked dull initially, ended up in praise and worship to God as He answered them at the appointed time”. 

 There was healing, prophetic messages and deliverance as usual to the glory of God.

The church also observed the clarion call to the orphanage homes and the prison during the service.

Be reminded of March 25th, the first Tarry Night. Invite your family members and your friends. Amen.F
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