As They Entered Into New Covenant With The Living God, Doors Begin To Open


There were abundant divine grace all over in Fridays Service once again in God’s Arena of Liberty aka “Enough is Enough” Friday 8th April, 2022.

The devil did tried to take away the joy and happiness from the congregation, but His Divine grace overwhelmed him. And there was light in the house of the Lord thereafter. The devil had struck the “generator” at the peak when the Choir was rendering praise and worship songs unto the Lord.

The devil could not withstand the power of God and the service went as originally programmed by God. It was awesome, filled with Divine grace as they entered into a new Covenant with the living God.

The protocol and game changer took over the Arena and began to manifest as God’s General, Prophet Sunday Obi whom He had chosen was on hand to operate as directed by the Holy Spirit. And he began to flow, and flow and flow and their were prophecies, healing and deliverance even before the real “ministration” , Praise Master Jesus.

He, as simple and humble as he is, never cared about the number of people in the hall, he went implementing God’s instructions as it concerns those he fetched out from the crowd.

And to the glory of God whose presence was spiritually manifest, he was able to do His Will in their lives accordingly.

The choir despite the initial set back, came back to life, as she rendered songs to his Glory.

The Intercessory prayers was ably handled by Pastor (Mrs) Rita Kelvin. It was indeed a Divine Covenant service as she prayed for and against covenants in our lives.

She prayed for the breaking of any form of Covenant entered into by our forefathers, Covenant or poverty operating in our lives, Covenant made by our mothers or father’s cause them to break.

She prayed God to establish his Covenant in our marriages, jobs, careers, businesses as well as in our spiritual lives. 

Kelvin  prayed God to activate his Covenant like He did to Abraham, Jacob and Isaac in the good old days.

For further studies, you can read the following Bible verses, Ezek.34:25-26/Ge.17:2/Deut.7;9/31:8/Heb.13:20-21/9:15/Exd.19:5.Others are, Isa. 34:10/Lk.22:20 respectively.

And when the hour has come, there was a loud noise from the crowd, a joyful noise, a happy moment and divine time and hour for Minister extraordinary, the wife of the General Overseer, Rev. (Mrs) Kate Obi,  to minister the Word, it was a Divine grace.

It could not have come just like that, Prophet Sunday Obi said, “but the time has come” and my Master Jesus approved of it as I formerly bring my wife to the pulpit to deliver the Word “Divine Covenant”.

Yes, He is a Covenant keeping God. He keeps his word concerning each an everyone of us. He has never failed but we as flesh have often failed Him.

“What he says he will do. Everything he does with us is under a Covenant. The Covenant you make with God, is what you receive. Hanna made a Covenant with God and she got it. 

“1Sm  1:11 And she vowed a vow, and said, O LORD of hosts, if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget thine handmaid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the LORD all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head”.

“Today is a Divine Covenant service and if you want God to keep to His promise in your life you need to make a Covenant with God. And as you make the Covenant, you dare not break it at all, because He does not break his either.

“If you make a Covenant and break it, you have caught the wrought of God”. Be warned brethren, she admonished.”.

She listed the benefits of making a Covenant with God as honour from God, He fights our battles, he keeps your Covenant and he watches over us always.

He is a loving and caring Father to those who seek His face. 

She backed up the Word from the following Bible verses 1Sm.1:11Exd.11:5/2Chro.20:22 amongst others.

Emphasising more on the Word, God’s General, Prophet Sunday Obi,  regretted that we human beings often fail God because of our flesh but God does not.

God allows sickness in our lives at times for a purpose .When it happens, go into an agreement or covenant with God and see.

“Satan, knows who you are. The word is powerful. All you need to do is to obey the word of God. Do what he says you should do. You can make your Covenant speak for you. Abraham had a Covenant and it spoke for him. God made him father of all nations. Hanna too had a Covenant. Things changed in their lives.

“Covenant is a very strong bond with God and you can not break it.  Make a Covenant today with God, keep his Covenant and favour shall follow you – Amen.”

“Covenant keeping God, there is no one like you, Alpha and Omega, there is no one like you” Song.

“Esther feared God and He changed her fortune. Make a Covenant today and test your God.”

He referenced G.15:18/2:24/Jer.31:33-35/Ps.103;17-18.

The high point of the service was the making of  Covenant with God.  It came in these form, Covenant for job, sickness, academic, against financial stagnation, single ladies for husband, fruit of the womb amongst others.

Also, he imparted grace upon Ministers, Pastors and workers in Arena. He prayed that the grace of the Lord should fall upon their lives in Jesus NameAmen.

It was another service to be remembered as healing, deliverance and prophecies rained in their lives as they renewed their Covenant with God. 

The Servant of God does counselling Mondays/Wednsdays while prayer mountain holds, Mondays till Wednesday every week. Come and your life shall never be the same again in Jesus Name Amen.

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