The attention of the Dr.Paul Ebiala Campaign Organization(PECO) has been drawn to a News Release from the Wealth Media Team now circulating in the Social Media indicating that the entire clans that make up Yahe Ward, its chiefs and Stakeholders have endorsed their Principal, Odama Wealth Ogbeche, as the sole aspirant for the Yala 1 State Constituency seat, come 2023.
Ordinarily, we would have ignored this porridge of lies, cooked with dubious ill-gotten purchased ingredients intended to feed the uninformed but respected constituents with the sole aim of deceiving, misinforming, confusing and misdirecting our dear delegates in particular and all PDP Members in Yala 1 State Constituency as a whole

For purposes of clarification, we wish to place on record that as members of the Yahe Ward PDP Stakeholders, we are not aware of any such endorsement at any time by anybody.This is a  figment of the imagination of the psychophantic servant who gave that piece of concocted lies to the assemblage of the respected Delegates and Elders of PDP present at that occasion. The main purpose of that concoction was nothing other than mischief!
Neither our Principal, Dr. Ebiala, nor any of the other aspirants was part of any meeting where such endorsement took place as claimed by the lying Wealth Media Teame Chiefs and Elders are well informed  people who would not stoop so low to dance to peanuts and crumbs being displayed to dabble into such sensitive issue that involve four of their sons.
Accordingly, we wish to quickly  add here that Dr Ebiala or any other aspirant for the Yala 1 seat, to the best of our knowledge, did not step down for Odama W. Ogbeche at any time and would not contemplate doing so at any time. Dr Paul Odah Ebiala is fully in the race and we have a  strong conviction that he is the most credible with vast experiences, unbeatable track record of achievements, tall credentials and better positioned to win elections for the PDP in Yala 1 State Constituency.
Let it be further noted that there is nothing wrong in celebrating a birthday, Easter or any other feast with Party Loyalists and Delegates, as the case may be. However, it is highly condemnable when such organized get-together is laden with copious lies and disparaging tendencies coming from a person seeking to represent the very sophisticated People of Yala 1 State Constituency consisting of eight Wards of which Yahe Ward is just one.
Moreso, we take exception to Odama Wealth Ogbeche’s illusive attempt  and provocative lies of being the only funder of the repositioned PDP in Yahe Ward while also attempting to showcase his achievements.This we know is a blatant lie with a view to hoodwinking the public in order to gain votes from the highly enlightened Delegates. Our Principal, and other key Stakeholders, including the Leader of the PDP in the Northern Senatorial District, our own Distinguished Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, were all fully involved in funding the party, even before the entry into politics by Odama Wealth Ogbeche just two years ago.
Finally, we wish to advise the Wealth Media Team and their sponsors of this whirl goose chase to note that Yahe Ward had had aspirants for this position in the past with others from other Wards and seamless consultations and campaigns were done without impinging on the rights of other aspirants.They should necessarily refrain from propagating disparaging lies and campaign of calumny to denigrade and hoodwink people to their advantage. We are all in the race to serve our people diligently and not to cheat them.
The votes of our Delegates should be earned on the basis of an Aspirant’s pedigree in terms of leadership acumen, and not on cash-and-carry basis. Yala is too sophisticated for mediocrity.

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