“The simple role of a legislator is to make laws. However in making laws, legislators often do more than this. They actually enable society develop and prosper based on the principle of the rule of law enacted  by them and this rule of law must be within the confine of the law.

Having served at the Cross River State House of Assembly for two terms and National Assembly with an excellent scorecard, Rt. Hon. Bassey Eko Ewa  has gained the requisite legislative experience to represent the good people of cross River Central in the Red Chambers.

BEE as he is fondly called doesn’t see the legislative Chamber as a place to sit down, listen to motions and receive salary at the end of the month.

BEE doesn’t see the legislative chamber as a place to take a sabbatical leave. His indelible footprint and remarkable contributions still resonates in the Cross River State House of Assembly and National Assembly till date. Experientially, he is a man with technical know-how and legislative prowess.

BEE sees the legislative Chamber as a place where people are elected  by their constituents to make laws that will contribute to the development, growth and welfare of the people. To make favourable laws, is all about the “PEOPLE FIRST!” BEE is for the people.

_Dear Delegates,Think Merit, Think  BEE._


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