Obedience To The Word Led Them To The Supernatural

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

“What a beautiful weather God blessed us with! In worship and praise, God’s delight was electrifying just as the opening and intercessory prayers drew God’s attention”.

In his usual way, Prophet Sunday Obi after that “must be” discuss with His Master, went round greeting as many worshippers as possible. How humble?

The Arena Echo International Choir ministered with their whole heart touching not only the people’s heart, but the Spirit of God as well.

The guest speaker, Pastor (Officer) Omini Ojah, rightly divided the Word in line with the theme: Vital Keys To Unlocking The Supernatural. (Mtt 16:19).

He enumerated them as “commitment to spiritual growth and development (Gal.3:1-2), Develop the Word of God in your spirit (Acts 20,:32), Engage the force of prayers (Jude1:20) and commitment to engaging Biblical mentality (Prov.23:7).

According to the minister of God, “our growth in the word makes us to look and function like God”.

He says, “it takes prayer to grow spiritually- speaking in tongues. We must change our thinking if we must change our living”

Earlier, the Father of the Commission, Papa Abraham, had anchored the Intercessory prayer points spiritually, because he is a gift to this Commission. He took his prayer points from Numbers 11:29/1Cor.14:2.

In addition, Prophet Obi, known as the “General”, explained why he is a major prophet and should be taken seriously. For God has bestowed on me “the special grace to see and proffer solutions” to people’s problems. Scriptures for further studies are: Ex5:7-9, 2Kings 5:1-20, Acts 9:36-42, Esther 4:16.

The highlight of the anointing service was Pastor and Mrs. Elemi’s special dedication of their baby boy testifying how the Prophet spoke only the word and it came to pass in the birth of the baby. Praise God. Besides this, there were other ear tingling testimonies. God is always at work in GAOL. Hallelujah!!!..

“Prophetic ministrations left worshippers bewildered. There were divers deliverances and healing, some from oppressions, contracts awards, mantle and directional ministration, etc. It is interesting to know that the demons never try to mention the name JESUS or PASTOR OBI, but will mention any other name fearlessly and easily. Reason being that the two names carry fire/second is a man of God. God Almighty showed up again at the ARENA. “No be small thing”. Better come and see than be told. You will never regret you did. God give us understanding in Jesus Name Amen!”

The Anointing service was unique as the servant of God himself had to lay hands on all the children prophetically after having the ministers do so in same manner.

“The God of Pastor Obi, the doer of all these be praised. JESUS IS LORD!”.

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