C’RIVER: Factional Labour Party Chairman Exposed As Document Reveals His Hidden Motive

BY: Nick Nwaneri, Calabar

New facts have emerged on reasons why the conflict in the Cross River state chapter of Labour Party could be intractable.

Recall that on July 13th, 2022, Organised Labour under the auspices of NLC and TUC had jointly issued a press release dissociating itself from the political activities of Ogar Osim’s led executive of Labour Party and then passed a vote of no confidence on him. 

It also notified politicians dealing with him that they were doing so at their own peril.

The friction between both parties bubbled when Osim refused to allow Labour to collaborate with him in running the affairs of the party. 

The strained relationship came to a head long when he refused to make joint arrangements for the conduct of primaries. 

This eventually forced Labour to write to INEC through its Political Commission Chairman/Acting Labour Party Chairman informing it of a date fixed for primaries. With the primaries done and concluded, the list of candidates was given to Osim to submit to INEC.

Sources close to Labour Leaders said that the list submitted was different from what was given to him. Thereafter, it was alleged that he substituted valid names with his associates which he used as placeholders for politicians who might later pay handsome amounts to fly Labour Party flags.

When confronted with the allegations, he mobilised his cronies, CNPP and IPAC to drag Labour Leaders in the mud of public opinion.

A new twist to the allegations against the embattled factional chairman has been added to his woes as a  document allegedly emanating from INEC indicates that Amb. Ogar Osim Obu, is the gubernatorial candidate of party for the 2023 elections.

This seems to vindicate the position of Organised Labour that Osim is alleged to be “dubiuos” and is on a mercantilist mission in Labour Party.

This scandal is making many OBIDIENTS, as Peter Obi supporters are popularly known, worried as they question the propriety of a sitting party chairman also being a candidate in an election he is supposed to be a father.

On the allegation that his name served only as a placeholder for the person the ticket was finally sold to, a member of Organised Labour speaking on condition of anonymity, said a new electoral heist is unfolding and that stiff legal actions against him must be taken to serve as deterent to others.

A Labour Party faithful, Michael Danquah, expressed shock at the development and called on relevant authorities to investigate the matter and if found guilty, appropriate measures be taken against him.

When our correspondent called the State Chairman of NLC, Mr Ben Ukpepi to comment on the alleged documents, he declined  from dabbling into political matters. 

But the Chairman of the Political Commission of NLC/ Acting Chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Godwin Amoikwen said he had nothing to say as it would be subjudice as the matter related to that was already in court. 

At the John Ushie NLC Secretariat, workers and Labour Party faithfuls were in a jubilant mood over the uncovered document as it had exposed Osim’s dubiousness and greed.

“Calls and SMS” directed at Amb. Ogar Osim Obu have not been picked or replied as at the time of filing this report.

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