God Turned Envy And Jealousy Against Them For Good

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

“Only fools doubt proofs. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. …….Ps 14:1.  If you doubt or are double minded concerning the acts of God, you cannot be a beneficiary”.

The testimonies of Thanksgiving service Friday were captivating, stemming from killing snakes around the house and in the car, blind eyes opened via prophetic word during a counselling session, cancer healed during a family deliverance at Abi, abducted child returned without request for ransome at Abuja by prophetic declaration, deliverance from unknown gunmen among others.

“All thanks be to God  who made all these miracles possible. At this juncture,  Prophet Sunday Obi  encouraged worshippers not to be double minded when they see the hand of God in action”


The Arena Echo International Choir, touched the very soul of the congregation with their special/powerful rendition and other ministrations in songs.


Try not to miss the intercessory prayers because you never know what to expect as Rev. Kingdom Obi, by the Holy Spirit led us to higher realm. 

The Youngest Minister of God, Rev. Kingdom Obi while anchoring the Intercessory prayers tagged ” Dangers of Envy and Jealousy took her Bible text from “Isa.7:7 “Thus saith the Lord GOD, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass.”

She led the prayers against “any evil plans on our families, career, marriage and business let me fire of God consume and destroy them, against any evil altar speaking against our entire house hold, against any strong man or woman that does not want our progress and against any spirit of stagnation in our lives.

Furthermore, she prayed against any barrier in all our lives endeavors, Oh Lord God, as a result of today’s service begin to process my blessings, open doors, testimonies and above all breakthrough and Oh Lord God, restore all that have been stolen from us by the evil ones in ten folds in Jesus Name Amen.

The “Word” for the Day delivered by Prophet Obi featured its Theme as DANGERS OF ENVY AND JEALOUSY. It was a robust and well worded teaching.

Recounting that God has put Cross River State in his hand, the Prophet led the congregation in  powerful corporate prayers for the Presidency of the Federation, Governorship of the state for the coming 2023 Elections and spate of insecurity insurgency in the state.

Prophetic ministration saw captives set free from looming deaths, blurred vision cleared, liberation from marine oppression, deliverance from ex-wicked wife to new God-sent wife,  liberation of a little boy from impending affliction and madness, and liberation of a young lady from oppression by the spirit of an old woman. The move of God during the Prophetic ministrations held worshippers spell bound.  Our God is wonderful.  

The service doubled both as the THEME in focus and the END OF MONTH THANKSGIVING SERVICE. To this end, praising and dancing in appreciation to God for keeping us till the end of the month was awesomely powerful.

Prophet Obi extended a hand of compassion by  forgiving a woman who came under God’s judgment for insulting God’s servant. He lovingly advised members to be careful and not take him for granted because of the hand of God upon his life.

God’s Own general who never get tired of praying for the country especially the 2023 general elections, offered a number prayer points against evil men and women perpetrating insecurity, killings and kidnapping in Nigeria that God should visit them with His anger and destroy them wherever they are in Jesus Name Amen.

He prophesied that Nigeria is going to come out of these vices and later become the best Nation in the world soon.

While committing Nigeria unto God’s hands, he called on God to take over the leadership of this country by giving us a God fearing leader come 2023 general elections. He admonished Nigerians, to vote people into other political offices and allow God to give us a president.

He decreed that the President seat henceforth shall become uncomfortable for whosoever that is occupying the position.

Obi described “Tinubu as a failure already. If he brings money collect it. It is our money and vote against him.”

Thereafter, he switched over to the Word, saying “envy and jealousy” is evil and a great sin before God. It lives within us and in our heart. Why must it be him/her? Why?.

“Hatred and wickedness in today’s world are causes of Envy and Jealousy. It is the cause of human destruction. It has never given birth to anything good. The bedrock of Envy is hatred as recorded in the case of “Cain and Abel”.

“We are in a christian race. There is envy and jealousy in the house of God, the Church. It is worse there. This is sin against God. When envy and jealousy enters, there is always confusion.”

He decreed today that any one that is being troubled shall receivehis healing and blessings in Jesus Name Amen.

Because of Envy God made Cain a vagabond. If you allow yourself to be used by Satan, the punishment is there waiting for you. As believers we find it very hard to say “I am sorry”. We are the cause of our own problem as a result of what comes out of our mouth. There is always a repercussion on envy and jealousy. Read Daniel 3:16/G.4:3-8/Jas.3:16  for further understanding.

He referenced the Bible as it were 1Sam.18:1-  “And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.”

The power of God killed Goliath and not David. Saul envied David and he killed himself and David lives on. That man or woman that is envying you today shall die. Their children shall die or become “vagabond”. Also read, G.37:5-8/50:20/Esther.7:10/Mk.15:10.

The story of Joseph in the Bible was as a result of Envy. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was envied by his kinsmen.There is no sin that goes unpunished.

He said that “we can overcome envy and jealousy through Thanksgiving, celebrating with others and by working in the spirit through the word of God.

Corporate personal prayer session for  worshippers in very powerful  and new dimensions was conducted for change of story. Glory to God who always answers prayers.

This comes as a clarion call to all who read this to come and have a sweet, life changing and unforgettable experience with theLord.  Please don’t come alone.  God bless you as you do.

God and God alone is fit to take all the praise for these great and mighty deeds in our midst. 

The second quarter Tarry Night comes up on August 26th, 2022 with the theme “Grace for a new beginning”. Come with your family and friends. Counseling remains Mon-Wed while prayer mountain is Mons/ Tues/ Weds. 

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