They Were Healed And Blessed As Divine Hand Of God Encountered Them

BY: Pst. Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

Amazingly, each Friday seem to be more glorious, power packed and exciting.

Turnout was unprecedented and encouraging with about 23 first timers in attendance. This can only be by the hand of God. 

The numerous testimonies of the day clearly indicate that God is continually at work in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GAOL). 

In line with Prophet Obi’s declaration three Fridays back, Pastor Omini Ojah, testified over what God has done in his professional body ICAN. He was further assured of the fulfilment of the prophetic word that has gone forth concerning his office.

“As always, the music ministers never fall short of expectation  with their ever inspirational presentations in worship, praise and special renditions.” 

There was a significant change in the leadership of the choir with Mama Kevin as the new Choir mistress. Praise the Lord.. 

The Prophet reiterated the need for continuous prayers for the nation till after the 2023 elections. 

The prophetic ministration featured the Theme: Divine Encounter in the lives of worshippers generally. Some had specific Divine  encounters such as deliverance from marine powers,  witchcraft,  wicked family powers, impending deaths, spirit of poverty and lot more. The  deliverance session was most fascinating. God glorified himself again. 

The second part of the service tagged “THE BLOOD SPRINKLING”  also left worshippers captivated due in  another dimension of divine  encounter with the power of God. Glory be to God. 

It can only be God and nothing else. His presence was highly felt as the Minister of God Pastor Thompson Ubong, began to present the Intercessory prayer points before the service. God’s presence was manifest as the air and entire atmosphere became too hot for the devil to withstand. Immediately, as the devil began to hear of the Name that is above every other Names, it fled far away till the close of service.

He raised the prayer points to conform with the theme of the service which is “Divine Encounte


Ubong prayed that God should change our story from nobody to somebody, that God should free his children from poverty, prayed for God’s Divine Encounter in our lives, make us be the head and not the tail.

He prayed for the power of God upon our lives to overcome Satan, prayed for God’s visitation and confirm all his prophesies upon our lives.

“Oh Lord my Father, may I not miss move of God in my life, Oh my Father, my Maker, may I be located, may my file be open today for an encounter”.

The following Bible verses can be of immense help. Gen.28:16-18/22:14/Lk.1:35/Jh.5:3-7.

As directed by God through the Prophet in the House that the church must continue to offer prayers against pepetrators of evil in the country. This is religiously observed.

He prayed that God should visit them one after the other and that should expose them wherever they are.

And  he prophesied that majority of the old politicians will die before the 2023 general elections. The trumpet of God will soon blow to crush them all in Jesus Name Amen.

He prophesied that that there shall be no war in Nigeria but rather the nation shall be restored again. He prayed against any evil conspiracy to cause confusion in Nigeria, decreeing that “Enough is Enough”.

Prophet Sunday Obi prayed and called on God to crush and kill any man or woman involved in the blood shading of innocent souls. They shall know no peace. Torment them and members of their families. As they receive air and sun, let it turn to poison and eliminate them in their hideout in Jesus Name Amen.

Thereafter, as humble as ever, Prophet Sunday Obi, ushered in an upcoming Minister of God, Pst. Vitalis Ugoh, to the pulpit to present the Word tagged “Divine Encounter” to the glory of God.

The guest speaker Pastor Vitalis Ugoh spoke on the Theme:  “DIVINE ENCOUNTER” in simplicity and sincerity citing examples with himself. 

He began by glorifying and giving Thanksgiving to the King of Kings and Lord of Lord, Master Jesus, the Name that is above every other Name for the opportunity.

The Comforter, the Holy Spirit was invited to take over the brief charge.

He says the presence of in our lives is a Divine Encounter. Any man who decide to walk beside God experiences Divine Encounter.

Attempting to define “Divine” he says it has to do with Holiness, Divinity, Godlike or righteous before God”, while “Encounter ” is favour from God. It is God’s unmerited favour in ones life. It is the perfection of God in our lives”.

He charged believers and christians to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jesus is the Divine Encounter. Believe in Jesus. Seek him always and be rest assured of your Divine Encounter. When you encounter Jesus, there is open doors, He will make a way where there is no way. You will prosper, your business, marriage, career and every other thing will begin to prosper.

He says, “you can access divine encounter or visitation, by being humble, obedient, committed to the work of God, giving, paying your tithe and above touching humanity.

“God’s process in our lives are for His good and His glory. He needs your love too. In Jesus Christ, there is promotion (Dan.3:1-30. There is provision 1Kg.17:8-16. There is promises G.25:19-28 and finally the power of God Gen. 17- last chapter.”
 Read the following Bible verses 2Pt. 1:16-18/Jh.20:18/Jer.16:14;15/Jh.3:11 and Matt.16:9-10.

Throwing more light on the Word, the General Overseer and God’s own general Prophet Sunday Obi,  says Divine Encounter with God turns things around for good. It changes your life’s narrative. It exposes your hidden potential.

Following on was Prophet Sunday Obi who expanciated and  analysed the topic further with specific instances from the word as will be seen in due course. 
Divine Encounter brings transformation. It doesn’t come all that easy. There are steps to follow. Salvation, Giving, Sowing of Seeds, praying for others and above obeying the instructions of God.

He cited John.10:10/1Kg.3:3-5/1Sam.11/12:13/Esth.4:16.

He later offered the usual corporate prayers. He prayed for God’s Divine Encounter, change of story in today’s service, Oh Lord God, change my story for good and give me testimony, Oh Lord God, today I pull off the heavy load in my head and destroy the evil garment, and Oh Lord God, every evil garment, against my sisters, daughters from getting married, today I decree that divine encounter will locate them today in Jesus Name Amen.”

The service witnessed the Minister of God Evang/Mrs. Iwa Ebeten of Gospel Glory Ministry, testifying the goodness of the Lord and His manifest presence in God’s Arena Of Liberty aka “Enough is Enough”.

First timers were welcomed by Pastor Ubong as the congregation prayed for them.

The second quarter Tarry Night is still August 26th, 2022. Invite your friends and neighbors. It is going to be spiritually packed. Don’t miss it.

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Once again, do good to visit GAOL for your own Divine Encounter with God. 
All glory, power and majesty be ascribed unto God.
Jesus is Lord. 

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