The Word Became Flesh And Gave Them Breakthrough In Business, Career And Healing

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

GAOL a.k.a ” Enough is Enough”; God’s abode, God’s own place of settlement, the place where God shows of His Majesty, the place where God alone is fit to take the praise for all workings of signs and wonders, God’s Solution Center,  No. 11, Otu Ansa Street, Atimbo,  Calabar, is “A must visit place.”

It was another explosive Friday at GAOL in the presence of God, The Beauty of Holiness. The overflow was far more than ever recorded. First timers numbered about 30 adults aside children. Hallelujah!!! 

The move of God in the service cannot be overemphasized. Proof of this was obvious in the testimonies from previous fellowship and occurrences of the day. Testifiers told of  journey mercies,  exams success, successful marriage ceremony as a corps member, saved from kidnappers, restored back to life, healings, success in JAMB and WAEC exams and others. 

The Grace of God and His  manifest presence in God’s Arena Of Liberty aka “Enough is Enough”, cannot be over emphasized as signs and wonders took another dimension. 

What is happening in (GOAL) every Friday service in the past few month is an indication and confirmation of His word to the Prophet , God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi that ARENA needs expansion. For three consecutive weeks now, it has been from “one overflow to another” confirming his word.

Because the Word is God. He cannot and does not lie. What He says stands – Alleluia!!!.

Praise and worship by Arena Echo International Choir was something supernatural, ultimate Friday service. Watch out, it is gonna be splendid come next Fridays Tarry Night with the theme “Grace for a new beginning”.

The Holy Spirit was at work and turned the entire premises on “spiritual fire” and worshippers began to receive their healing and miracle.

Every stage of the service was awesome and spirit filled. 

The virtuous woman and daughter of Zion, Pst. Mrs. Rita Kelvin, prayed according to how the spirit led her from Provb.16:3.

She prayed and committed our business and career into God’s hands, prayed for spirit of God to help us grow our business and career through His wisdom, prayed for diligence, blessings, prayed against financial stagnation, against spiritual sickness and fruitful business and career “.

Pst. Kelvin (Mrs) went to pray for blessings, profit, growth and expansion in our business and career. For further study and understanding read Exd.31:3/Provb.22:29/Exd.23:25-26/Roms.11:12.

Pastor Ubong Thompson, a seasoned minister of God, who fears God and full of the Grace of God, was the guest speaker for the day. He spoke on the THEME: BUSINESS AND CAREER BREAKTHROUGH. 

Business is what you do to earn a living while career is a long term job that you pass through training and retraining and become a master over a time or period.

However, “you must seek God while engaged in business or career because He is the ultimate and answer to business and career.”

“Don’t sleep because you are a civil servant. Don’t let your 35years be a waste. Look for an alternative while working for another person”.

He advised believers to be wise and learn to work for yourself as recorded in Deut. 8:18. You need God in your business and career.Loan is not for business. Try and begin a business with small cash of your own.

Mediate and listen to God before venturing into any business. There is benefit in business. Be diligent, be humble, be principled, respect  your customers, and do not eat your capital.

He admonished us to learn to support the work of God’s Kingdom on earth. The following scriptures are very necessary for further understanding. Jos.1:8/Ps.23:6/Provb.22:29/Ps.44:3/75:6/Roms.9:16.

The General Overseer and God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi, coordinated the three weeks praise in honor to God towards the 2023 presidential election as directed. He ordered the Choir to render “Hot Praises” for that session.

It was dancing galore to the Glory of God as the congregation sang, danced and worshipped their God.

He maintained that God had told him that “there shall be no war again in Nigeria and that Nigeria will come out stronger than before after 2023 general elections. There will be no islamisation of Nigeria “.

The Prophet of God, Pastor Obi going further summed up the teaching for the day through his usual word feast. He noted that without an obstacle and consistent trust in God, there cannot be a Breakthrough. 

In addition, he advised the congregation to have a God fearing grand mentor, take care of him, and with his prayers, plus your handwork, you will breakthrough in your business and career.

The Prophet went further to throw more light on the Word, says you must learn to protect your business and career. Learn to be punctual in whatever you do. Trust in God and be humble, respectful, and remove pride while doing business.

“You must have salvation, Have Word based faith, Seek God first to get your breakthrough in business and career.” Read Roms.8:35-39/Roms.10:10/Mk.11:22/1Jhn. 5:5.

Praise moves God. Learn to sing praises to God. It serves as a way of praying. It motivates the spirit of God for quick breakthrough.

He later offered “warfare prayers” with stone, sword, bow and arrow against any evil man or woman standing against our breakthrough.

Highlights of the Prophetic Ministration were  “No loss of jobs for Pastors and Mrs Omini, a young lady  delivered from her mother’s witchcraft oppression, deliverance from frame up by father and uncle for illegal deal and demonic torture for refusing to serve ancestral family deity, supernatural kidney surgery/new one replaced etc”.

Special announcement with particular reference to code of conduct during fellowship was made. 

The Music Ministers are never wanting in their ministrations both in praise, worship or special renditions. 

Materials brought by worshipers as points of contact were anointed and prayed over for Business and Career Breakthroughs.

Sensational corporate and personal prayers having been said, the fellowship came to a close with Prophetic declarations and blessings by Prophet Sunday Obi. All glory, all honor and adoration be ascribed onto God. 

.First timers were welcomed and prayed for.

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Tarry Night! Tarry Night!! Friday 26th, August 2022. Time 9pm till dawn.

Jesus is Lord!!

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