“Jesus” Supernatural Power Subdued All Other Powers, As They Got Redeemed

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

“All thanks to God Almighty, the God of (GAOL) Outreach, the God of Pastor Obi, the One who sits on the Throne and is behind all the signs and wonders. The One who makes the seemingly impossible situation possible and the unbelievable occurrence simply believable, by whose wisdom the world was formed. Above all, “Which doeth great things past finding out; yea, and wonders without number (Job 9:10)”.

The conducting of the Intercessory prayer points to kick start the service tagged “We are Redeemed to operate in the supernatural”, was ably presented by a tested, vibrant and digital minister of God, Pastor Udah Okey to the glory of God.

He says “until you unlock the keysof the supernatural, you cannot operate in the supernatural”.

Drawing his prayer points from Dan.3:22-27 says “Therefore because the king’s commandment was urgent, and the furnace exceeding hot, the flame of the fire slew those men that took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed–nego.”

“When men think that they can cast you down, God is there to save you. The Word of God will see you through “.

Praying, he says “Oh Lord God, give me the power to operate in the supernatural as you did to the three Hebrew brothers, Oh Lord God, remove every power that is not of God operating in me, let the supernatural power take over me today, deliver me, deliver my family members, deliver my marriage and career”.

He prayed that “today every evil power tormenting my life shall be consumed by the supernatural power, today you shall jump and pass, today you are healed and there will be restoration, Oh Lord God, I am redeemed to operate in the supernatural, may I overcome temptation in my life “.

Okey prayed that “we shall overcome every challenges and difficulties, Oh Lord God, help me to access your supernatural power, give me the power for open doors of blessing”.

Read Acts3:3-8/Lk.3:3-4/Phi.4:12-13 for further study 

The Prophetic ministration spotlighted many people who had supernatural interventions and encounters.  A lady was liberated from satanic arrow of death shot at her during service by a man who wants to marry her by force, a lady who doesn’t go to church but set free from spirit of witchcraft possession/demonic oppression, another liberated from impending accident that was returned to sender/to expect news from home in that connection by 4pm same day and many others. Glory be to God.

Notable among the testimonies shared were:- timely divine intervention and deliverance from tree branch that fell on a car with ministers of God  inside, without anyone being hurt. The enemy was shamed and his ploy foiled;  release of Pastor O. Godwin’s son from detention following prophetic declaration by God’s Servant in the house/birthday;  Pastor V. Ugoh’s son who  unexplainably left home, returns by the hand of God; change of story for a young lady following a confession by the woman responsible for her predicament after obeying prophetic instruction to pray, praise and worship for three days prior her birthday; following three months of series and intense attacks on his health, God answered his petition and now the story is different. Thank you Jesus!”

Going on, the Prophet encouraged the congregation to take advantage of him and the special grace upon his life now because a time is coming when he will not always be around. 

Praise for the nation come 2023 general elections continued according to God’s directive. A mother will not stop singing lullaby until the child falls asleep. So also we shall not stop praising God. Hence, God must put to shame all those who want to bring shame to Nigeria Supernaturally. Hallelujah!!!

Thereafter, the Servant of God, and God’s own general Prophet Sunday Obi, had identified all heads of department in the Commission as well as visiting ministers to pray against any plans of the devil to use anyone in the Ministry to destroy “ARENA”.

The word -“REDEEMED TO OPERATE IN THE SUPERNATURAL”, which was preached by Pastor Ubong Thompson,  who drew inference from Colossians 1:13-14. He said “the supernatural, is when God and man interact or when divinity invades humanity”. He added that when divinity invades humanity, nothing else matters. For a child of God, everything that happens is supernatural, referencing the happenings in GAOL Outreach.

“Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son”, he described redeemed as “to gain or regain possession of in exchange for payment.”

“It could mean to be forgiven, holy, justified, free, adopted and reconciled.”

“Supernatural”, means to beyond and above. It is where God’s spirit operates, it is where Heaven and Earth interacts, it is the realm where God and man interacts, it is Divinity and involves humanity”.

According to him, “every child of God needs to operate in good health, business, marriage and career. Every God’s Arena program is supernatural, as evident during prophesies on COVID -19, giving birth without a womb, passing Exams, Divine surgery without medical intervention, marriage and raising the death”, among others.

“A supernatural man walks according to God’s Word, (Jos 1:8)Col.3:16.”

He prophesises, he dwells in Revelation, led by the Spirit, a man of joy and praise, a man of prayer, a man of faith, a man of courage and boldness 2Tim.1:8/Dan 3:1-24-25/Dan 6:20/Acts.16:25/Acts19:12/16:25/Mk.6:48/Jhn.2:1.

Ubong says that the days are evil. Praises works in the supernatural, word of God, obidience, prayerful and above all, work in the supernatural always.

“Operate in faith, spirit and Kingdom principles to access supernatural power”.

As usual, the Prophet switched unto the agreed three weeks of praise for God to bring down this present government, as the Choir took over and rendered melodious songs to the glory of God.

“2023 is coming and God must put to shame all those who want to sale Nigeria through our praises. The evil ones shall die even it is left one day. God is really answering our prayers.”.

The Prophet in his usual characteristics, took over the dancing floor as healing, deliverance and prophesies begin to unfold and manifest.

He briefly touched on the theme as the Minister had done justice to the Word earlier.

Prophet Obi, the General Overseer, of GAOL Outreach, explained that “God is looking for who to restore, touch, bless and to catapult destinies, noting that “until you believe in redemption and are redeemed, you cannot operate in the supernatural”. 

Teaching further on REDEEMED TO OPERATE IN THE SUPERNATURAL, Prophet Obi, explained that when you are redeemed, you pray in the supernatural, you decree a thing and it comes to pass. 

“As a son and daughter, you have the right to operate in the supernatural. When you operate in the supernatural, you do not struggle, you just believe. God said to him; “You are half human and half spirit”. Therefore, he needs to be careful with his mouth else he says something and it comes to pass just as he does to sickness etc”.  

He gave some “vital keys To Unlock The Supernatural in order to operate maximally supernaturally as:- Salvation, that is to be born again (John 3:7-8); know that the kingdom of God operates on keys (Mt 17:19-20);  recognize you are an heir of the kingdom (Gal 4:1-2); and the word for growth (I Peter 2:2).” 

Obi made references to the Bible: Jhn.3:7-8/Matt.17:19/2Cor.12:1-12/Gal 4:22/Roms.8:19/1Pt.2:2.

The service was very significant as the congregation presented their “October prayer request to God” as His Servant prayed and gave a burnt offering to God. He declared uncommon blessing and prophesied that all the requests shall come to pass”.

Marriage Bann of Bassey Obi and  Patience Enang is ongoing. Wedding is October 29th, 2022 at ARENA premises.

The “I love my Pastor comes up November 4th, 2022 while the last Tarry Night is Nov.18th, 2022.”

The Arena Echo International choir was just too good as they rendered praise and worship songs to the glory of God.

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Jesus is Lord!

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