Heavenly Court Reversed The Ruling In Favour Of Those Who Trusted In Christ

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

God’s Arena of Liberty aka “Enough is Enough”, is moving from one glory to another. It has always recorded an overflow during its weekly services, but at Tarry Nights, it has been awesome and supernaturally graceful.

The God of Arena and that of Prophet Sunday Obi, the talk and do God is always there for his people with abundant blessings. He has never despised them in times of need and supplications.

This spiritual manifestation of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has never departed the wonderful congregation in hard and difficult times at GOAL. This is evident with the several testimonies during our normal services or Tarry Nights.

“Yes, He again, confirmed His supernatural power penultimate
Friday 18th, November 2022, being the last Tarry Night for the year 2022 with the theme “Empowered for Exploits/Mantle Aninoting”.

“His glorified and magnificent presence was spiritually felt from the beginning of the Tarry Night till the end. Glory be unto His Holy Name. Jesus is Lord”.

Disappointedly, it came to steal, destroy and to kill, but the devil failed. The whole process was controlled by Master Jesus, the Name that is above every other name. The Mighty God was totally in control.

As early as 8.00pm the evil ones came with a challenge to take a young man’s life, but the hand of the Master Jesus became too hot for the demons and the spirit of death left him.

The night which was spiritually loaded with activities saw a respected man of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong representing the Intercessory prayer session with dexterity and precision. He led the prayers being mindful of the antics of the devil as he binded and rebuked the devil.

Firstly, he gave thanks to God for His mercies and blessings upon our lives. He prayed for mercy for us to begin our exploit, to clean all elements of sins in our lives, sought for God’s spirit to operate in us supernaturally, Oh Lord God, I resist every energy sapping demon tonight, to pull down every imagination and evil mindset, rebuked spirit of retrogration and I take authority over spirit of depression and stagnation in our lives.

He prayed against “the spirit of limitations, mediocrity, I need your knowledge for exploits, I need your blessings to do exploits, I need your grace for exploits, I resist every distraction of immortality in my life, I receive ability and grace for exploits, and I pull down any form of belief system in my life”.

Pastor Ubong backed his prayer points with Bible verses such as, Dan 11:32/Heb.4:16/Roms.9:16/Acts 1:8/Zech.4:6/His.4:6/provb.10:22.

The Word was presented by an Aninoted vessel of God, Pastor Udah Okey, the man I described as “digital” man of God, who decided to subtitle the theme to “Empowered to uproot evil altars and destroy witchcraft”, says “the hour has come for us to take our destiny in our hands”


“Saying I have come to declare and reel out prophesies. I have not come to preach the Word. He burst into a Song which says “His Name is higher above other name, His Name is Jesus, His Name is Lord” and begin to declare and prophesy upon the lives of the congregation.

He described the Tarry Night as a night of unusual grace. These nonsense must be pulled down while every evil ruling against believers must be reversed today in Jesus Name Amen.

“Tonight, there is God in this place. He will heal you, deliver you and open closed doors if only you believe, Alleluia!!.

Taking his message from 1Sam:23-24, saying “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.”

He prayed for the destruction of evil altars of witchcraft of any kind in our blood line, Pas.27:6.

Okey declared that the heavenly court will reverse all unfavorable judgement against us(Dan.7:9-10).

He also prayed and summoned evil altars and idols in our lives to vanish and disappear as recorded in 1Jh.3:8/I Cor. 6:3.

Okey prayed against all satanic accusations and all Adversaries to be cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb, and cause the Heavenly Court to dismiss them (Rev.12:10/Matt.5:25.).

He declared that every curse hanging on our family be broken by fire and that whoever that gossiped to destroy you be destroyed. He that the heavenly altars should come and consume the evil altar by fire.

“Every evil mirror in my family, career, marriage and business be destroyed in Jesus Name Amen.”

Earlier, the Prophet in the house, Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general, had lauded the state governor Sen Ben Ayade for the prompt response in rescuing the kidnapped travellers recently.

“This shows that Ayade is not involved. “There will be no such incidence in the state again”.

The ministration was awesome as God revealed Himself at every point of the night. He showed mercy and love upon His people.

Over 39 people with different kinds of challenges were referred to come on Counseling days Mon-Weds to meet one-on-one with the Prophet.

Several people received instant healing during the Tarry Night for 2022 Calendar year. There were many testimonies on what God is using the Prophet to do in GOAL.

Prayers were offered towards the 2023 general elections for God to give us a president of His choice.

Obi offered several corporate prayers and blessed and Anointed the “Mantle” before it was given out.

He prayed for God to uproot any satanic power operating in our lives, that by the Mantle everything not of God be permanently destroyed, any strange power in our bloodline ceases to exist today in Jesus Name Amen.

The Prophet thereafter, released blessings upon the congregation at 6.30 am.

The Arena Echo International choir was at her entertaining the congregation with songs and praises all night long. It was great and awesome indeed.

Be reminded that the annual sacrifice comes up on December 16, 2022 while the fifth anniversary of GOAL comes up 15, January 2023.

First timers were welcomed and prayed for.

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The spirit of God overwhelmed every satanic power and evil power.

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