BY: Our Reporter, Calabar 

While the fight for the rightful gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) in Cross River State is currently ongoing in the judiciary, the supporters of both contenders are not leaving any stone unturned in a bid to drum support for their principals. 

Last week, a group, Back to South Advocates had accused Senator John Owan Enoh of political desperation. The group had said it based its allegation on the fact that the Senator was wrong to have taken the party to court and even went on Appeal when the verdict of the Federal High Court did not favour him. The group which is in support of Senator Prince Bassey Otu, also accused Sen. Enoh of selfishness by not supporting power shift to the south of the state. They had claimed that those qualities rendered him unfit to govern the state.

It also demanded for his suspension from the party by his ward and chapter executives. But in a swift reaction, another group, The Bridge Movement, led by Don Courageo Michaels, accused the back to south advocates of mischief or ignorance of the mechanism of democracy. 

In a press release  in Calabar, the group said; “Distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh is in no way desperate to govern Cross River State.  Rather, he is passionate about recovering the state from the clutches of predators and scavengers who are bent on snuffing life out of the  state. He is very passionate about electing honest, selfless,  responsible and responsive governments that consider the people as their primary responsibilities.”

The release further stated; “those amorphous sycophants casting aspersions on the person of Sen. Owan Enoh are either being mischievous or too blockheaded to comprehend the mechanics of governance, the rule of law and democratic norms.”

The group further asked; “If desperation for power is enough reason for someone to leave his comfort zone and put his head on the line?

The obvious response is NO”
“It is only someone with a deep love and conviction to save his state from continuing on the spiral of decay it has been plunged into since 2015 that would do that.”The release also reads that; “It would be inimical to the progress of the society if the wellbeing and success of the state is sacrificed on the alter zoning.”

The Bridge Movement  called on;  “those casting aspersions on Senator Enoh and those asking for his suspension to retrace their steps and join in the herculean task of salvaging Cross River State from dangers within and without.”

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