The Joy Of The Lord Overcome Their Storms Of Life During 2023 First Service In ARENA – Alleluia!

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

To the Glory of God, just like every other Friday, the first fellowship for the year 2023 at God’s Arena of Liberty Outreach was very well attended. 

The excitement of the New Year filled the air and above all the presence of God was overwhelming.

The General Overseer, Prophet Sunday Enu Obi, lead the congregation in a most powerful worship session after which the word was brought forth.

According to Prophet Obi, storms of life can be likened to challenges that are like “Ichabod”(meaning, “the glory has departed from Israel”  – 1 Sam 4:21) and bring tears to people’s lives. However, he declared that ‘Glory’ must return to the lives of people. Encouraging the congregation that all hope is not lost, he refered to Isaiah 43:2 ” When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee;  ….

The three weeks Christmas break in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GOAL) aka Enough is Enough, was like six months for those of us who longed to pray and worship our God. However, it is now a past tense and a forgotten issue as far as 2022 was concerned.

Glory be to God, Our Heavenly Father and Creator for guiding us jealously as we gladly migrated into 2023, the year of the Lord. A year full of God’s blessings and open doors.

And so on and so forth. It was an experience indeed but we all made it in Jesus Name Amen.

This day 6th of January 2023, was made to be by God himself. He knows what will happen today. It came to pass. His manifestation was real and live.

He has never lied nor failed his people. He was there in abundance to wipe away their tears and storms of life ahead of 2023.

The theme for the service was “The Power to overcome the storms of life”. Very apt and spiritually packaged. It went thus.

The Mother of the Commission, Pst. Sarah Abraham anchored the Intercessory prayer points to declare the service open.

She raised prayer points for God to give us the understanding of the Word and Spirit.

“Lord I need understanding to grow in faith, know and do what the Word says, understanding in my business, career, marriage and other endeavors of life.”

She prayed for “understanding in the wisdom of God, to understand the Holy Spirit giving you direction to overcome the storms of life, prayed for deliverance, deliver me from daily temptation, deliver me from evil storms, financial stagnation, give me good health, let their healing in my family, deliver me from envy, affiliation and sickness.”

It was a power packed Intercessory prayer intervention to begin the new year 2023. Thereafter, the air brought forth a sweet aroma sensing the occupation of the Angels and the Holy Spirit taking total charge on the affairs of the day.

The Word with the theme “The Power to overcome the storms of life” was presented by the youngest Minister of God, Rev. Kingdom Obi, with understanding.

Describing storms to be tribulation, fear, sickness, problem or affliction, she says, storms of life is always occuring in the lives of believers. You can not run away from storm(s) of life.

“Storms of life must come. It could be health, marital issues, career, financial stagnation, lack of promotion as well as other vices.”

Storms of life in this context is used figuratively. They are those various forms of challenges confronting christians or children of God.

Interestingly, Aninoted men of God have their own storms. The storms are different just as our faces are different. Jesus Christ had his own experience while in the boat with His Disciples. The storm came but was subdued by His power.

Knowing or doing what God says is the only way to overcome the storms of life. Speak the word and stop the storm. Pray against the storm and it shall be overcome. Call upon the Name of the Lord and He will answer you.

“Always take your supplications to God. He is capable of turning your story around. Do not be afraid but be focus. Fellowship with God. Do not be scared over storms, she says”.

Because he had promised to be with us always, He is the over comer of storms.

You can read the following Bible verses to back up the Word. Isa 53:5/Jos.1:9/Joel 2:32 and Phil.2:9-12

The Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general, had wished the congregation, Ministers, Pastors and Workers in ARENA family a happy new year declaring it a year full of expectations and blessings.

He said “what God cannot do does not exist. He is not man and doesn’t lie”.

“Some tried but could not make 2023. We are here today not because of our righteousness but by His Grace. The church observe a one minute silence for the repose of the souls that died during the Biker’s carnival in 2022.”

He described the service as “Thanksgiving to God for the journey into 2023 with joy in our hearts.
Testimonies shared were interesting and encouraging. 

To the glory of God, prophetic ministration, saw a host of diverse encounters, signs and wonders by the hand of God through His servant Prophet Obi.

The church prayed for Pst. Barri. Jacinta Innocent and MaryAnn Okimba for healing and safe delivery. 
Ministering, the Major Prophet of our time, had announced that the 2023 Prayer Request shall be creaminated during the service. Be happy and celebrate as 2023 shall come with His Glory. Today, backwardness, death, poverty, failure are gone. The Glory of God returned in that service.

He attempted to continue to expatiate on the Word, but his love to touch lives could not allow him to progress.

“Lord we wait on you. It is a new dawn.”
Read the following Bible verses. Isa.43:2/Deut.31:5/Psa.55:22.

He announced the 5th Anniversary of the Commission GOAL.. on the 13th of January,2023 being Friday’s Service. Dress code is wrapper for men and “onyonyo” for women for the celebration.
There were signs and wonders, testimonies, blessings, healing and deliverance. 

First timers were welcomed and prayed for. Counseling days Mon-Weds and prayer mountain remains Mon/Tue/Weds weekly.

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Jesus is Lord!

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