Giving Their Lives To Christ Gave Them Soft Landing

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

As always, the presence of God was overwhelming. The Spirit of God moved in the midst of his people in a spectacular manner.  Lives were transformed, destinies were changed, people had breakthroughs, open doors to marriages and diverse deliverances. 

Jesus indeed was at GAOL Outreach working with his servant Prophet Obi confirng his word with signs and wonders. (Mark 16:29).

The service with the Theme: GREATNESS IS MY BIRTHRIGHT IN CHRIST was “The End Of Month Thanksgiving Service” at GAOL Outreach.   Pastor Udah Okey  enjoined the congregation  to appreciate God as not all those who made it to 1st January 2023,  are alive today.  Consequently, the worshippers were prayed for.

Pastor Mrs Sarah Abraham, the guest speaker taught on the Theme: “Greatness Is My Birthright In Christ”.  (Gen 1:28).  She said; God created man in His own image. He created both ‘male man’ and ‘female man’ because according to the word of God, man stands for both male and female. If God created you in His image, it therefore means you are great. God has given you dominion over every living thing both on earth, sea and sky.  She noted that just being a child of God makes you great.  

According to her, Greatness is (a) to be endowed with extraordinary powers e.g. Eliase prayed earnestly that it rained not in a space of 3years and 6 months (James 5:17), (b) to have uncommon gifts e.g Prophet Obi.  (c) to be powerful.  (d) to be noble.Birthright she said;  is right to be born either as first son etc, all have rights attached.

Success is to be blessed. As a child born into a rich family, you are rich with same DNA as your parents. The Bible says you are a god (Psalm 82:6). That is why she refused for libation to be poured during her traditional marriage and sees no reason for sacrifices to be offered to gods of the land before yam can be harvested.

According to Gal 4:6   If you are a son, you have legal right to stop or allow things around you.  If God is the author of the Bible, therefore you have right to all that it says which makes you great. (Job 32:8, II Tim 3:16).

By new birth, the spirit of God lives in you.  So why are you not manifesting your birthright?  Reasons are Ignorance e.g  Esau  (Gen 25:29-34);  Greed e.g Adam and Eve (Gen 3:7);  Fear Job 2:25;  Curses and Anti- Greatness Spirit ie spirit of mediocrity.  Greatness she concluded, opens doors, multiplies and gives dominion. To be great therefore, you must be born again (Romans 10:9).

In addition, the prophet, Pastor Sunday Enu Obi said; to become great, you must metamorphosed from somewhere to get there recounting the different stages of a butterfly from egg to maturity. Even if you are born great, and you do not follow due process you can’t get up there. Challenges must come which you must overcome. eg immorality,  in Christianity you must make sacrifices, wake up early to open your shop on time else you will loose your customers.  God’s intention is to give you a soft landing. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”. (Jeremiah 29:11).  A rich man that eats all his money without any investment eventually becomes poor.  

Recalling a perfect example of rising to greatness is the story of David as seen in 1 Samuel 17:34-37. He tore a bear, killed a lion and of course slew Goliath to become great.  How you handle situations matter a lot. Even miniseries if not handled with wisdom will crash.Be mindful of those you call mentors. If in their lives there is jeopady, you could end up like them and cited instances of some men of God who suffered same fate as their mentors.  Also it is not how big but how powerful the man of God is that determines his greatness.

He concluded by saying Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Nelson Mandela must have had Joseph in the Bible as their mentor. Note that you must not go through prison in order to become great. (Genesis 39:7-20).

The performance of the Arena Echo International Choir can only be likened to that of the singers in II Chronicles 20:21-22. As they sang, God showed up and His servant ministered effortlessly, winning countless battles.  Intercessory prayers as led by Pastor Stanley Williams focused on destroying yokes in your life, cast away spirit of distraction, spirit of omission and exclusion, cancellation of every mark of stagnation and death, fulfilment of God’s promises in our lives, dedicate self to God and scatter every agent of the devil assigned to scatter the church of God (I Cor 7:35, I Kings I:25-26, Gal 6:17, Col 2:14, Is 46:10, Is 55:11, Num 23:19, Gal 3:1-3).

Testimonies from previous encounters can never be ruled out as God is always in action at GAOL.  What a wonderful God we serve.

Friday 3rd February 2023, shall be a healing service hence an open invitation to all. The General Overseer encouraged the congregation to come with the sick and let God touch them.

Counseling days Mon-Weds while prayer mountain remains Mon Tue Weds. Follow us in our Facebook page. Like/Comment on our page. God bless you.

Jesus is Lord.

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