Praise! Praise!! Praise!!! All Through As Burdens Vanished During Service

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

The April 28th 2023, Friday service took another Divine and Spiritual dimension given the theme of the service which was “The Power of Praise”.

Really, it was praise and worship all through the service. Prophet Sunday Obi, had announced that the service was going to take another dimension as directed by the Holy spirit and the directive was heeded to accordingly.

It was fun and dance galore. The stage was hot. The Arena Echo International choir was on hand performing to the admiration of the congregation. Glory be to God.

The Service was spiritual and inspirational. There were revealations and understanding. 

Actually, the power of praise, which translates to the power of God manifested. Alleluia!.

And “closed doors” begin to open as the congregation tuned and keyed into the revealation of the power of praise. 

You could notice the Wisdom of God which is Jesus Christ, the Word of God, playing out in the crowd as the Prophet in the House begins to see doors opening – Amen.

It was indeed a glorious service revealing the power of God. As many that believed got their encounter, healing, deliverance, blessings and prophetic messages instantly.

And every other aspect of the service went as planned with intermittent praise and worship songs glorifying the Most High God, the King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega.

This time, it was the turn of Intercessory prayer points as coordinated by the Mother of the Ministry, Mama Sarah Abraham, an epitome of honour, God’s own vessel 

She prayed and asked God to come to our help as we have trust in Him as Our Father. Protect us like you did to Moses from the hands of King Pharoh in the Bible, cleanse us from the filth that has been with us for years, Lord I need your visitation, teach me how to worship you.

She prayed according to Exd.14:3, Paul and Silas prayed and sang, and the Holy Ghost came down and saved them from prison and finally, that God should give us our own testimony in today’s service with an open doors and files – Amen.

This segment of the service was indeed great and spiritual. At this point, the power of God had descended down for action. The environment had become too hot for the Satan and its agents. The premises was vibrating with the power of praise.
“Everything went spiritual. The Son of Man in the person of Jesus Christ, our Superstar manifested in glory for those with eyes to see” Glory! Glory! Glory!!!

The spiritual space became charged and gave the Prophet the blessings to begin to declare and reveal what God had told him through revealation.

“There are three points in state capital that powers have been buried and if these evil powers are not removed, the state shall remain backward as it were. The spots are, “Calabar, Calabar, Eleven, Eleven and Watt Market Round About”.

He also revealed how Odukpani people wants to frustrate their son, the governor-elect, Sen. Prince Bassey Otu. He prayed against it and turn the plans on those involved in the evil plot.

And he began to sing praises “Only only you, Only you be God” to the glory of God.

He said “Africa remains an apple in the eyes of God because we know how to praise God. Calabar via ARENA outreach is being heard in 22 countries every Friday service.”

Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general and the giant of Africa, declared that as many that were in today’s service, “yokes in their lives shall be broken in Jesus Name Amen”.

The Arena Echo International choir, the heart beat of the Commission, rendered her special number before the guest speaker was ushered to present the Word.

The giant of Africa, Prophet Sunday Obi, in his humble disposition, led the guest speaker, Vitalis Ugoh (Pst) as he mounted the Pulpit to deliver the Word tagged”The Power of Praise”  to the glory of God.

He prayed and invited the Holy spirit to come and take control as well as to direct him on what to say. He appreciated God through the Prophet for finding worthy to preach the Gospel.

“The reason why we have gathered is because of God. He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. After creation, He gave dominion to man over powers and principalities.”

God, he said, created us for a purpose which is to love Him, worship and praise Him and to win souls.
He went on to ask “if we have time to praise our God. How do we praise Him?. Do we praise Him with hatred, jealousy, anger, adulterous life etc?.”

The gospel or GoodNews of today, is all centered on Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason why we sing praises. He is the Wisdom of God. He is the Word. He is a revealation of our time.”

The Word may have been preached 20 years ago, by a Professor or a child, it the same word of God. It refreshes the mind whenever you hear it. It is like a Palm tree planted by the river side. It flourishes forever.

The Word of God is like a tonic in the hearts of men with understanding knowledge of God. It is the Revealation of the New Testament- Alleluia!.

“Praise is a warfare tool. The people of the Old in the Bible trusted in their God through praise and it worked very well for them because they believed.”
He prayed that “we shall not die, but must be alive. The power of praise shall bring open doors, open shut files, heal, bless you today in Jesus Name Amen”.

“If you have come to the service today with heavy heart, Jesus is saying drop them, for He is there for us. He above every storm, weight or yoke in our lives. He died and paid a price with His Blood which is “life” to humanity.

“Today, as you engage in praise and worship, every filth, yoke and evil character in our lives shall die in Jesus Name Amen”.

The devil and the evil ones flee when you praise God.
Referencing the Bible in 2Chro.20:20-27, where King Jehoshaphat, saw that Four nations were coming to attack his country and kill its inhabitants, and because he trusted his God, he raised a group of people to praise and worship God and God gave them victory.

He also cited Acts 16: 25-26, how through praise, God set Paul and Silas free from prison. The shackles were all broken through the power of praise – Alleluia!

King David was not the best amongst his household, but the grace of God spotted him out. He became a man too close to God’s heart.

He was humble, he reverened God, he respected God, with trust, love, devotional, faithful, obedient and with a repentant spirit. He knew how to praise and worship his God always. He did it without season. This attracted God close to him, though not perfect.

“The Revealation of Jesus Christ to humanity is a great gift from God and so humanity should know that there is no other power than the Power of Resurrection, Salvation, Praise and Dominion”.

He gave the following Bible verses for studying: 2chronicle 20:20-27Psalm 67:3, Psalm 100:4, Psalm150, Psalm 22:3, Acts 16:25-26.

Ugoh prayed for those who heard the Word and have decided to give their lives to Christ. My God will be your strength. He will guide and protect you always. He will shield in the morning and evening.

The Prophet in the House, took time to expatiate on the Word. He said praise represent respect to God, it is a commendation, worship or an appreciation to God.

He said, “Africa is focused on God through the power of praise.”

Whenever, the situation becomes tough, switch over to praise, the glory of God will surely come down, Praise Master Jesus!.

As the theme implies, it was praise upon praise, he never preached but just switched over to praise and begin to sort out victims for healing, deliverance, blessings and prophetic messages from the crowd.

“The Wall of Jericho fell down as the children of God were praising their God, he recalled.”

Read Eph.5:20/ Psa.66:4/145:1/150:6/100:4-5.

In the place of corporate prayers, praises and worship took over as the congregation, danced, danced and danced.

Let nobody deceive you, the power of praise activated the love of God upon our lives penultimate Friday service April 28th, 2023. Amen.

The Servant of God was in charge as usual, they came, they saw and they conquered. God was in His Throne directing. It was “stress free” on the side of the Prophet through the power of praise.

Keep a date with God’s Arena Of Liberty GOAL aka “Enough is Enough”. 

“The Wisdom of God is here. Trust on God, He will see you through- Amen!.”

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Bless you!

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