Their Diligence In The Household Of God Affirmed Their Greatness

By: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh Calabar 

The Word of God is life. It has always come to pass. The word stands the test of time from generation to generation.

The service on Friday confirmed the theme for the day, “Kingdom Principles for greatness”.

It was quiet an experience for some Ministers and workers in ARENA. God decided to visit them especially to those close to the Prophet and serving in one department or the other. They got their greatness, penultimate Friday via the prophesies of God.

And Jesus healed a boy suffering from demon possession, the people affirmed the greatness of God in the act ( Luke 9:43 ). 

Numbers 14:19Pardon the iniquity of this people, I pray, according to the greatness of Your mercy, just as You have forgiven this people, from Egypt even until now.”

Deuteronomy 9:26 “Therefore I prayed to the Lord, and said: ‘O Lord God, do not destroy Your people and Your inheritance whom You have redeemed through Your greatness, whom You have brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand.

“Greatness in the Bible was never determined by how much money someone had or how much influence or power they claimed to have. Greatness was always given to the one who was a servant. Greatness is serving, and God is calling each of us to serve, not to be great.”

Humility is the key to greatness in the kingdom of heaven.

Greatness is a cocktail of qualities that include honesty, integrity, passion, resilience, fortitude, self-belief and strong values. All of these come together to create a uniquely strong character that consistently achieves success after success.

Though, the Prophet was in pains but the word of God was sent forth as the congregation began to worship and praise his holy Name, he regained his strength – Alleluia?.

What the enemy and the devil had planned scattered and the presence of God beclouded the environment. And there was victory and joy in the house of God.

Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general, was very mindful of the antics of the devil at all times and as such trusted in His Master’s miracle always. He cried out and he heard him. He is a good and great God – Amen.

There was celebration in the church and among the congregation as the Prophet became stronger and stronger.

The Intercessory prayer was ably coordinated by the son of the Prophet, Victor Onen according to the theme. It was full of intercession. He thanks and reference to God for his Mercies upon our lives.

He called for the spirit of humility to take over our soul and heart 

That God should give the heart like that of Abraham to serve Him in truth and spirit, that we should work on his greatness, grace to be submissive, God destroy every power stopping your manifesting in greatness and glory and destroy every enchantment against my life in Jesus Name Amen.

Prayed against every spirit of stubbornness, let there be confusion in their camp in Jesus Name Amen, every tongue that has risen against the Prophet and ARENA, Oh Lord God, in the year 2024, I shall not leave a shameful, sorrowful life – Amen, manifest your presence and power in this service.

There were testimonies followed by thanksgiving to God for all the testifiers.

The time for the Word came knocking as the youngest Minister, Rev Kingdom Obi presented the message as it were. 

She says “greatness is not defined by society, nor by your cars, nor by your wealth but with what makes you distinctive and unique.”

Isaiah 1:19 says “If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land;”

She says Obedience, diligence, Responsibility, humility, building relationship, forgiveness and giving with joy” are the kingdom principles for greatness”.

Rev. Obi cited bible verses back up her message. These are Isa 1:19/Provb 22:29/Jas 4:6/Eph4:31-32/Matt 18:4/2cor9:6-7.
 It was a precise and powerful sermon.

She says, ,”if you don’t believe you can not have salvation”.

Prophet Sunday Obi, a lover of worship and praise, declared thirty minutes grace as the choir led this time around. It was a moment of joy. The spirit was high all over the place. The giant of Africa, thereafter jerked back to life, full of strength and began to catch people one by one for healing, deliverance, blessings and prophetic messages.

 The atmosphere went weird and spiritual as the Prophet took over the proceeding by his grace and mercy.

He says “your sacrifice in the House of God speaks for you. You must learn to cry out loud to your God always”.

On the forthcoming Tarry Night, he announced that the international demons have threatened to come and disrupt the night. Boosting of rain from 3pm to 1pm on June 28 being the date for the event.

Therefore, he directed the Prayer Mountain to step up her prayers, Minister and workers should be st alert, Thu-Fri of that week fasting, Wed fasting and prayer. This instructions must be taken as very serious – Amen.

Tarry Night remains June 28, 2024 by 9p.m till dawn.

First timers were welcomed prayed for.

Highlights of the service was the announcement of Elder. Pst Peter Elemi, Bishop and Blessing Egba to join the Arena media team.

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God showed Himself during the service – Glory be to God!

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