Their Pure And Heartfelt Praises Drew God’s Attention With Supernatural Breakthrough – Alleluia!

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

Attendance was beyond expectation, as multitude gathered from in and outside the state to seek the face of God. 

The God of the ARENA OF LIBERTY, the One who changes things, yet remains unchangeable, the One whose works are practically evident, yet remains unseen; He moved in the midst of His people like never before, changing their situations according to their faith as they offered high  praises to Him.

In accordance with the theme, the prophet, Prophet Sunday Enu Obi, titled the message as “PRAISE FOR UNMERITED FAVOUR”. His reason being that “even he does not deserve being a prophet because his family worshipped idols. He cannot tell why he is justified to carry the grace God has bestowed on him. This grace has made him travel by airplane, sit with great men, and people he should call daddy instead call him daddy. When you praise God, you see unmerited favour by the hand of God, he added.”

In appreciation, Prophet Obi blessed the music ministers and the instrumentalists for their matchless performance. He added that “they give me the push to forge ahead even when I am tired”.  

The prophetic ministration saw the servant of God winning in a sited position, as Praise evoked the Supernatural to action with signs and wonders following.  Praise the Lord.  Testimonies never cease to abound at GAOL  to the glory of God.

As the theme of Friday’s Service implies, “Praise For Supernatural Breakthrough”, indeed there were supernatural breakthroughs as the afflicted, the oppressed and the hopeless congregation praised His Holy Name – Jesus with their pure hearts.

There was no gain-saying that “My Redeemer Liveth”.

The session was extra-ordinary as instructed by God’s Servant, the general, Prophet Sunday Obi, General Overseer of God’s Arena Of Liberty GOAL aka “Enough is Enough”.


All through, the instructions were that there shall be no prayers today. God says “praise and worship” and dance. And the instructions were obeyed and they people saw His Glory. It was Supernatural, Awesome, Amazing, Mighty, Glorious and Marvelous in His Sight. Praise Master Jesus – Alleluia!..

The Intercessory prayer points to kick start the service proper was anchored by the Mother of the Commission “Mama Sarah”.

She prayed amongst others that God should have mercy upon our lives, give us victory over our perceived enemies, for peace in the state and Nigeria, God’s intercession, pray for more circulation of the Naira currency”.

Also, she raised prayer points against diseases or afflictions injected  into our bodies, prayed for God’s intercession for our children, marriage, career, business and other related issues.

Continuing, she prayed “for the growth of our spiritual lives, for pregnant women around the World, intercession for single girls and boys to get married, marital breakthrough as well as opportunity for personal supplications to God”.

Still working on instructions, the G/O, Prophet Sunday Obi, obeying His Master Jesus, sang, danced after testimonies to Glorify Him.

At this juncture,  Prophet Obi, in humility, ushered Pst. (Mrs) Bridget Erim, a virtuous woman to the Pulpit to present the Word as it were, through the help of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

This day was specially set aside to praise God as the Theme: PRAISE FOR SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH indicates.  

The guest speaker, Pastor Mrs Bridget Orim said, “when you sing praises, something must happen, something must change and do not sit down when praise is going on”.  

Speaking of the Supernatural, she highlighted the importance of faith and the Word of God as Spiritual Tools to get what we hope for.  According to her, Praise is appreciating God for  what he has done and worshipping Him for His goodness.

The Holy Spirit was in charge as she ministered to the admiration of the congregation.

She described “praise as being the act or process of appreciating and worshipping God with songs and instruments”, while “Supernatural Breakthrough has to do with the Holy Spirit (Faith/Word of God).Read Psa.149:1/150:1-6.

There are so many things Praise can do in our lives as believers. It brings about testimonies and deliverance, Joshua 6:20/ (1Sam.16:23) Saul and David story.

It makes God to take over your battles, makes Him to go before you, guarrantees your freedom and also provoke your vengeance. Acts 16:25-26(Paul and Salias).  

Praises silences your enemies ie sickness, financial stagnation and lack of promotion. (Jer.33:3/Psa.103:3/92:12).

She concluded by saying, when we praise God, we become victorious. Joel: 2:25-26/Psa. 27:6/2 Chro.20:19. It stops evil attacks, no destiny delay and all supernatural breakthrough will be our portion in Jesus Name Amen.

While praising God, the Word of God must be involved, the Word is your only weapon. When you praise God, you flourish like a Palm tree planted by the river side.

“No matter the nature of the storm, when you engage praises, the forces will bow for God instantly. Forgot that burden. Is it affliction, financial stagnation, failed marriage, career, business but when you praise God, they all become past tense”.

Maintaining his lane, the Prophet says “there is no church in Heaven”. Church cannot take you to Heaven, he reiterated.

“When you begin to praise God, you begin to receive favour, blessings, healing and deliverance.”

“Today, there is no prayers but if you key into praises, your challenges shall vanish in Jesus Name Amen.” They congregation raised an “Altar for the Stone” which will be thrown against evil altars speaking against us.

It was praises all through. There were blessings, healing, deliverance and prophetic messages in abundance to His Glory alone.

Seminar! Seminar!!There shall be a spiritual seminar for Ministers/Pastors of this Commission coming up in May 20th, 2023. It is free. Interested individual are cordially invited. Time 9.00 am prompt. 

Also the first Tarry Night for 2023 comes up March 31, 2023.

Next week is dedication service. Come with those that have never been dedicated before. God bless you.

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 Jesus is Lord

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