Alleluia! Satan Was Put To Shame As The Mercy Of God Set The Captives Free During Feet Washing Service

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

It was indeed a remarkable Tarry Night. A night never to be forgotten. Full of excitement, thrill and never a dull moment.  The saints full of expectations, arrived early, waited patiently and eagerly for their God in whom lies their hope.

In His undeniable Majesty  and glory, God  showed up as usual and it was a night of victory for His children and one of defeat for Satan and his agents. 

As earlier revealed by God to His Prophet, Prophet Sunday Enu Obi, the rain came down heavily, announcing and ushering in the arrival of evil visitation to the service by marine forces.  Who can battle with the LORD God of GAOL Outreach?  

The prophet said;  “As long as I live,  I will serve the Lord, so demons will always bow when I appear. Just as witches cannot mention my name, so also forces of the Marine kingdom cannot mention my name.”

“They call me THE GIANT OF AFRICA as revealed by an agent of theirs delivered by me sometime ago.  I am not God, but He has given me the capacity to tell you something and it comes to pass. If you know you are under me, always tell me if you won’t be around.  I am a Prophet of this caliber only by the Mercy of God which over rides Demonic Judgement because my background was highly idolatrous”.

The Prophet in the house, the Giant of Africa and God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi had announced and advised his ministers and workers to be prayerful during the first Tarry Night of the year.

Reason is that, powers and marine forces will be present during the tarry Night to disrupt the program. And behold, four of them spiritually caused a heavy down pour with thunder storms and arrived the venue. Three girls (marine spirit) and an evil spirit in form of man, who decided to run away as the venue became too hot for him to stay with a Bible.

It was a tough service with satanic encounters. At first, it was the instrument and later the generating set that packed up putting the hall into total darkness.


Guess what, “the God of Prophet Sunday Obi the General Overseer of Arena, Prophet Sunday Obi, was alive and supernaturally present. He saw their plans and caused the entire congregation to dance round the hall and overwhelmed Satan and its agents. And “there was light” to the glory of God.

This supernatural senairo caused the evil power in form of a man to flee under the heavy rain leaving worshippers in a very serious guess until the Prophet unfold who he was and why he left.

However, because He is God, because He never lie and because He liveth, His Spirit came down and took absolute control of the affairs completely. And He reigned henceforth throughout the service.. Alleluia!.

And the Tarry Night was loaded with prayer sessions. We had Pastor Peter Elemi anchoring the Thanksgiving prayer session. It was awesome.

This was followed by a warfare prayer session as presented by Pastor Stanley Williams. He prayed against satanic powers hovering around the premises, for our expectations, that the Lord will not pass us bye today, (Acts16:35-36/Mk11:13).

He sighted 2Corth: 10:4-5 to buttress his points “(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
5: “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”

He offered prayers against those that trouble us, against hindering evil spirit for marriage career business and other things, that such spirit be uprooted out in our lives. Matt. 8:19-22)1Sam.14:27/G 40:16-17.

The Minister of God, also offered prayers against demonic spirit, let them be destroyed and such links be broken in Jesus Name Amen, against generational altar and cause them to break , cancel all monitoring spirits in our marriage, career, business etc .

The Intercessory prayer led by the Mother of the Ministry, “Mama Sarah Abraham, began with Thanksgiving to God Almighty for all He has done in the growth of the Ministry over the years.

She prayed for the General Overseer, his family, ministers and workers in ARENA.

“No evil shall befall him, the family and any member of the Commission. She prayed for the state, country and all the leaders to follow the path of righteousness.”

She prayed against cultism gaining grounds in  Cross River State, it must die with those that introduced into the state and prayed that favour will locate ARENA in Jesus Name Amen.

At this juncture, the Prophet had warned against not obeying his prophecy by members. He regretted the sudden death of  Late Pa Francis Akpan and prayed God to have mercy upon his soul.

Thereafter, he introduced the Servant of God with lots of spiritual wealth, a seasoned Man of God, Pastor Thompson Ubong as guest speaker during the tarry Night to present the Word “The Victory of Mercy over Satanic Judgement Jas. 2:13”.

THE  VICTORY OF MERCY OVER SATANIC JUDGEMENT” was the Theme for the service which also doubled as FEET WASH service.  Pastor Ubong Thompson, presented the Topic.  

He explained that if you understand mercy, you will know that the journey of Christianity is mercy ruled. You can’t have mercy without love, compassion, pity, leniency, grace and favour.  

The Ark of Covenant is a typology of Mercy, he pointed.  Further more, he defined mercy as ‘compassion shown to someone who you have power to forgive’.  (James 2:13b).

“James 2:13 For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment”.

He gave thanks to God for His mercy endureth forever. Mercy exacts victoriously over judgement. Mercy also wins over harsh judgement. Some judgement can be harsh, satanic, bias or unfair”.

Defining mercy, Ubong says “it triumph over Sin, sickness, poverty or death as the case may be”.

He described Mercy as personified in Christ Jesus. Mercy serves as preserver (Provb. 29:28). It preserves every goodness (Psa. 23:6).

For further information read the following Bible verses (Rom.9:15-16/Jh.8:3-11/Provb 28:13/Mk: 10:46-47).

Others are: Heb 4:16/Psa.23:6/Col.1:13-14/Provb.20:28 respectively.

The Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, who applauded the guest speaker, merely read out few Bible verses for studying purpose and swung into the business of healing, deliverance, blessings and prophetic messages.

Prophet Obi, the General Overseer,  still on the Theme, says;  “Mercy is compassion shown towards a person by another under administrative authority.  Mercy is when you get what you do not deserve.  It is unmerited favour and an act of kindness  or compassion.  God’s mercy is more powerful than judgement he added”.

Many had divers encounters during the prophetic ministration which include:- Triple deliverance of three young ladies possessed by marine spirits who were on an evil visitation to the Tarry Night as earlier revealed to the Prophet by God.  No battle is too tough for the LORD;  inactive filling station revived;  death billed for 3:4:2023 averted and long lost runaway father as a result of being the next to serve their family idol, will return to Nigeria, reunite with his son, whom he will take to Canada.  This is practical demonstration of The Victory of Mercy Over Demonic Judgement.  Praise be to God.Amazing testimonies from past experiences were also recorded in their number to the glory of God”.

The Bible verses include, jh1:6-22/psa.30:5/Lam 3:22-23/Isa.53:5-6/Jer 2:12-13.

And the three marine powers were dealth with spiritually by the Holy Spirit thoroughly. After several hours, they bowed to Master Jesus as the evil spirit left them and they got their deliverance and were set free.

Next Friday service is during morning hours. Invite your friends and family members.

Healing, deliverance, blessings were much, all to the glory of God.

The Arena Echo International choir was electrified through her presentation. It was great. It was spiritual. Testimonies abound everywhere.

The Media Pastor, Vitalis Ugoh, gave  a Thanksgiving on behalf of the family for the dedication of his grandson, families and inlaws for fighting an unseen battle for them.

Friends and well wishers were not left out as they danced while the Prophet poured out blessings on him and his grandson Ovatzeenim Philimon-Okimba.

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