Their Faith Awakens All Dry Bones In Their Nativity For Good, Amen!

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar

“Everyday stands and speaks for itself as programmed by God. And His Glory and Grace also defers from one believer to another. But, the end result is to His Glory. Praise the Lord, Alleluia!.”

So also does His Grace abound in every Friday’s Service in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GOAL) aka Enough is Enough. It has never been a dull moment because His Manifest presence is there always.

It is a different service with  different strokes. God himself has never fails. He is always there for the Servant of God, God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi. His Name is Abba Father, King of Kings, Comforter etc.

His Glory in all, has never failed nor disappointed him. No matter the volume of problem, He is always there for His people.

Justifying this, are the numbers of heart touching testimonies every Friday’s Service from first timers. It is marvelous in His Sight.

Yet, came another Friday service tagged “the bone shall rise again” and indeed, it was an encounter with Master Jesus.

A visiting Man of God, from Bakassi, Pastor Sunday Better, filled with the spirit anchored the Intercessory prayer points to the glory of God.

The prayers were like declaration directing all dry bones in our lives to rise again, Amen.

Better prayed against dry bones in our marriage, career, business and other areas of life endeavors.

He declared against weakening spirit in our lives, that God should rekindle our prayer lives and cause every dry bone from our nativity speaking against us to begin to rise up again.

The Choir presented her special number entitled “Oh Lord speak into my life, I am a living sacrifice” to the admiration of the congregation. It was a glorious moment. It was inspiring and heart-warming.

The giant of Africa and God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi, full of humility, easy going, but spiritually dangerous to the devil, graciously ushered into the Pulpit the woman of Virtue, Pst. Mrs. Rita Kelvin Okang to deliver the Word “The Bone Shall Rise Again”.

She began by saying “I don’t care about that health challenge or whatever name it is called, but I know today marks its end in Jesus Name Amen. Who is that person that has brought shame to you, but this moment, Our Master and Comforter is in charge. It is all over.

Today, she continues “that altar in your father’s house and mother’s house speaking against your breakthrough is broken in Jesus Name Amen.

Why ask this question? Can the dry bone rise again? Can I get married, have money? It is all over. Speak the Word and it shall come to pass. There is power in the spoken word – Alleluia.

Speak positively over that situation troubling you and experience God’s divine encounter. When you speak He answers and everything comes back to life.

Kelvin took her lead text from the Book of Eze.37:3-4/Jh5:12/Isa.20:19.

“Dry bones, she says, represents difficult situations, it affects every man, it doesn’t glorify God, God has the power to change the narrative and power to unlock it”.

Gods breath is enough to give dry bones life, His inspirition can make dry bones rise again and it doesn’t matter how long or old the dry bones were in your life.

“When we lack Jesus in our lives, dry bones can never rise again. They remain stagnate”.

“And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest.– Ezekiel 37:3”.

She talked about charity and humanity which most believers lacked in our today’s contemporary Christian life.

Sowing of seeds revives the dry bones in our lives. Also we must believe in God and His Prophet and heed to instructions always.

“Every season has its own blessings, he said”.

The highlight of the service were testimonies too many to recall but the Prophet in the House, thanked God for taking him to and fro his home and back to Calabar.

He prophesied that God has granted the heart desires of a couple in marriage for over 17 years. They were blessed.

Prophet Sunday Obi offered corporate prayers and asked for the rising of the dry bones in our lives. He prayed that dead cells be restored in our lives Amen.

“Oh Lord God, as I clap my hands, let every dry bone in my father’s house fighting against my Breakthrough die, die, destroy evil altars in my nativity in Jesus Name Amen, and whatever the earth and ground have swallowed against my future let them vomit them out in Jesus Name Amen.

Read the following Bible verses, Joe2:25/Jh 10:10/Eze.37:1-10/Jh11:1-45/Provb17:22/Isa.26:19.

Prophet Sunday Obi and Mummy of the House, thanked God for giving ARENA a bouncing baby boy and for sparing the lives of mother and child.

He expressed gratitude to the ARENA Echo International choir,ministers and workers who were there in times of need. Glory be to God.

“Our God is faithful”, he said.

There were healing deliverance blessings and prophetic messages during the service.

Seminar! Seminar!! Seminar!!!Ministers and Workers conference comes up on May 20, 2023. Time 10.00 am prompt. You are all invited.

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It was a unique service. There was an overflow and the presence of God manifested.

God bless you.

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