His Outstretched Hands Gave Them Marvelous Testimonies In Their Business And Career

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

Who says there is no God. Who can boost of having the wisdom of God. It is only a fool that says there is no God. God is our Helper.”Psa 1:3 “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper”.

Furthermore, show me that man or woman who can boost that he created himself. That wealth, children, property and qualifications you have, did you know how they came about?. The scientists have tried but failed woefully. First and foremost, God created them and gave them wisdom and knowledge to do things… yet they still doubt His Existence. Woe to the man or woman who does not believe in His Creator. He is the All knowing Almighty God, The Alpha and Omega. 

And so forth and so on, the theme of Friday’s Service is “Business And Career Breakthrough”. There is no business or venture in this world that would succeed except the hand of God is there. Show me that business and I will assure you that with time, it becomes obvious that God’s hand was faraway from such businesses and career.It has always been Our Great God, the Supreme and Supernatural being. He is our source of strength, hope, business and every other gifts.

“Yes oh!, He manifested His Presence as usual on Friday service. He showed Himself in so many divers signs and wonders. He is Whom He is. The Father, Son and the Spirit. The combination of Three Personality. He came to receive Glory and Honour as they praised His Holy Name. His hands were not short at all. He did it again and again. He is a glorious God. He is the hope of humanity. Whoever believes in Him shall have abundant life and breakthrough. This is His promise since the creation of the earth. 

His Name is higher above other name, His Name is Jesus. This was the experience of so many that worshipped with us in God’s Arena Of Liberty (GOAL) aka “Enough is Enough” Friday 9th, June 2023. It was like “oh my God, words could not describe His love for His Children who were afflicted and attacked.

Through the Prophet in the House, they were sorted out including an Elder in the Commission and his wife that the enemy had plotted to kill. The battle was for  Master Jesus and He fought them to a stand still. He gave them victory. The church was marvelled. He did himself and may His Name be glorified Amen.

Prophet Sunday Obi himself could not believe the Revealation initially, but God kept on showing him the Elder and the spirit of death was cast out into the abbess. There was joy in the presence of God – Alleluia!.

Earlier, the Intercessory prayer handled by Pst. Stanley Williams, a spirit filled Minister of God, had prepared the ground for the service proper with powerful prayer points.

He raised prayers asking God to refresh us in the spirit and physical to love Him, let your favour open closed doors for us(Deut)28:3/Prob 14:23.

He prayed that God should profit the works of our hands in this service of business and career breakthrough, do exploits in our lives, in our marriage, career, business and everything else we do(Psa 78:23-24).

“Today Lord, open the gates of Heaven over my life, release your blessings upon our lives in Jesus Name Amen, prayed against spiritual deafness from hearing from God in all we intend to do before venturing (Roms 8:14), let our businesses grow from strength to strength, Oh God what door that was closed, open bigger doors for me and my family.”

He prayed for multiplication of blessings and breakthrough this month and throughout this year. Read Deut. 28:8/Provb. 14:23/Psa.78:23-24/Roms 8:14/Psa.32:25 among others.

The Arena Echo International choir provided good vibes in praise to worship our God. The choir was just too good to go. More grace. Alleluia!!

At this juncture, Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general and the giant of Africa, with his usual humility, introduced the guest speaker, a seasoned Minister of God, Pst. Ubong Thompson to present the Word entitled “Business And Career Breakthrough”.

He said from the beginning of the world in G.2:8-15 “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.”

Business can be a trade or a profession. It could be self employed or enterprise or in an organization. It could translate into buying and selling of product.
In any business ventures, there must be a feasibility study that is for a starter, customer service, humility, deligence and prudency in any form of business you are doing.

For the business or career to succeed, you must be a Kingdom promoter, prayerful, (Lk 18:1/1Thes5:17/Provb. 3:5-6). You must learn how to sow seeds, Deut 8:18, be  a steward, be punctual in every service you render in the church (Psa. 92:12/ Exd 23:25, be obedient to God’s from the Prophet (2Chron.20:20/Isa1:19/Job 36:11.

Finally, “always recognize God for help (Psa. 46:1/Heb 13:5-6/Psa1:3.

Explaining further, Prophet Sunday Obi, who commended the Minister for doing justice to the word, merely gave thanks to God for raising men and women here in ARENA to preach His Word. I am proud of my Ministers. They truly obeying the law of the Lord and they shall grow from strength to strength Amen.

“There must be an obstacle for you to have a breakthrough. Today we shall overcome all obstacles in our business, career, marriage etc”.

Today, God is guarranteeing us a breakthrough. However, obstacles must come and we shall overcome them through Salvation (Rom 8:38-39), Word bases faith (Rom 10:10), praise ( Acts 16:25-26.

Evidence of breakthrough include “unlimited favour, witness supernatural breakthrough and your level will change.

Never be discouraged over what you are passing through in your business or career. Your God is always there for you Amen. There must be a turn around today as you put your trust in God.

The Prophet thereafter prayed for all the business and career items brought by worshippers. He prayed for a change of story after today’s service in Jesus Name Amen.

He prayed for job opportunities, against financial stagnation, for profit and business/career breakthrough, for admission, for promotion etc. All hopes are not lost as there must be a change of narrative in our lives in Jesus Name Amen.

Obi decreed against untimely death, against any evil arrows in our lives, prayed for open doors, let our destiny helpers locate us.

Indeed, it was a “Communion Service” with a difference. The Master of the Universe was present and showed His Mighty Hands on the afflicted, weak and those that wants to receive Him as their Lord and Saviour. Alleluia!.

His mercies abound during the duration of the service. 

There were revealations in the church of God as many that left due to lack of understanding of the “Word” have returned in glory to praise His Holy Name. 

There was an overflow. There was joy in the house. There were extreme compassion from the Lord Of Host. He acknowledged the praises from His own wholeheartedly. He delivered, blessed, healed and prophesied to them during the Communion Service.

Tarry Night! Tarry Night!!The second quarter tarry Night comes up on June 30, 2023. Time 9.pm till dawn. You are welcome. Invite your friends and families. It is going to power packed and spiritually filled. God is calling on you. Come and hear Him speak to you. It might be your turn for blessings, healing and deliverance. Alleluia!

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First timers were duly welcomed by the Minister of God Pst Ubong as the church prayed and handed them unto God’s hands.

God is our Helper!. Glory be to His Holy Name Amen!. 

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