They Overcame By The Divine Wisdom Of God During Communion Service

BY: Phil Adams/Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar 

Looking forward to meet with God at GAOL Outreach every Friday has become a norm and paramount in the plan of many. Excitement and expectations can be seen on their faces. God in His infinite mercy and goodness never fails to satisfy their longings. He alone be Praised.

“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and ………” (Pro 3:13a). The question is; How many have found wisdom?  The will of God is for it to be said of His children “……insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works?” (Mtt 13:54b).

Testimonies are always encouraging and without end on Friday fellowships just like today. Also, following prophetic ministration were divers encounters with the power of God, which left many completely liberated and transformed to the glory of God.

The special rendition by the Arena Echo International Choir was outstanding.

Psa. 62:5-6 says “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.”

Hard times are bound to come our way as believers. We must not slumber or get weary but our expectation is from Him.

This was the picture the devil wanted to paint on Friday being the Communion Service in God’s Arena Of Liberty GOAL aka “Enough is Enough”.

Thank God, the Servant of God, God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi was aliive spiritually to rebuke the evil spirit quiet on time.It started from the handler of the opening prayers, moved to the choir and culminated into the congregation making the service dull. But the devil was put to shame as the Prophet took charge of the situation and it ended in praise and worship.. Alleluia!!

Thereafter was the presentation of the Intercessory prayer points by Pst. Thompson Ubong. He gave thanks to God for giving us His wisdom and knowledge to function at all times.

He offered prayers in Thanksgiving to God for all He has done in our lives over the years.

“Oh Lord my God, help me to fear you so that I may have wisdom to direct my ways, that by your wisdom I will eschew sin, immorality, disobedience, hatred and jealousy, that your wisdom may be profitable to direct me and that we need your Divine Wisdom to do a thing.”

He prayed for Divine Wisdom in our marriage, career, business and in all our endeavors, wisdom to run our families,  prayed for God’s ability to His Will, ability to follow Christ character and speak, profess your Word, that through your Divine Wisdom I am delivered from bondage, prison, afflictions, problem and storms”.

The Minister of God also offered prayers that God should fill our hearts with your spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, Divine Wisdom to do expliots, to be an overcomer, give us the wisdom to fear God, help me to choose my friends and companies with your wisdom, with your Divine Wisdom, I am more than conquer”.

The following Bible verses can be of immense benefit as reference points to the Intercessory prayer. Jer.1:5/Psa.111:10/Lk.21:15/Provb.3:19/Exd.51:2-7.

The hard times, had made the service looked scanty, but the Servant of God was not perturbed, saying “I am happy there are people here to worship God. I will touch the few that have come to seek the face of God. My joy is to touch humanity”.

He had acknowledged lack of cash as responsible for the scanty nature of the service, believing that it will soon be over as the Divine Wisdom of God will soon manifest in Nigeria.

Prophet Sunday Obi, God’s own general had earlier ushered into the Pulpit, the youngest Minister of God, Rev. Kingdom Obi who delivered the Word “Understanding Divine Wisdom Of God”.

The guest speaker for the day was Rev. Kingdom Obi and  the Topic of Discussion was  “UNDERSTANDING DIVINE WISDOM” (Pr 4:7).  She said Divine Wisdom is that wisdom from above and the quality of a person’s life is dependent on the amount of Divine Wisdom possessed.

She says “the quality of your life is dependant upon Divine Wisdom you possess or have. Your daily life depends on the wisdom you have. The more wisdom you apply in your life, the better for you. If you lack wisdom, your life automatically becomes a sorry situation”.

“Understanding is an application of Wisdom. It makes you to stand out wherever you find yourself. Lack of understanding and wisdom is a sin. It is important you have wisdom and understanding as a believer.”

She further stated that “as believers, you need understanding to have divine wisdom from God, you must appreciate and understand the word of God. You are a new creature and a Born Again. Wisdom is the resoundful production of knowledge”.

“Apply the Word of God as Believers. We need Divine Wisdom. Wisdom of God takes you away from sin. Solomon asked for Wisdom and God gave him. Wisdom  leads and controls our lives. It is Divine guidance or direction. Joseph interpreted the dream with understanding and wisdom and he became the second in Command in Egypt.”

“Divine Wisdom opens closed doors. It is the spirit of God. It must dwell in us. We need Divine Wisdom to overcome. It is above all other wisdom. If you have wisdom, you have Dominion. We need wisdom in our day to day activities. It was Wisdom of God that created the Earth. Wisdom is visible. It doesn’t hide.”

Read the following Bible verses to support the teaching. Provb. 4:7/Eccl. 7:12.

Before he entered into Ministration proper, God’s own general, Prophet Sunday Obi, had offered prayers thanking God for this Nation.

He prayed against the cabals that are responsible for what the masses are passing through that God should visit them with storms and sorrows.

“That God should visit their children, families with infirmities and cause them to die in Jesus Name Amen.That God should give us His own chosen person as President.”

“That God should visit all those working for Bill Gate directly or indirectly to cause humanity to suffer. Turkey is paying for its sins for rejecting God through earthquakes which had killed over 20,000 people “.

“That God should give us a deliverer of our time during the forthcoming general elections. Go get your PVC. Your votes count.”.

He condenmed those who say that Believers should not go into politics, saying “this is why we have not yet got it write in governance “.

The Prophet of accused Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo of failing christians whom he claimed to be representing.

Following on, The Prophet, popularly known as Pastor Obi, expressed the Theme as “WISDOM: KEY FOR DIVINE PROGRESS”.  He explained that, Life is designed for continuous progress. When you stop progressing in life, you become a burden to yourself. 

According to him, Divine Wisdom leads a person from one place of progress to another and eventually connects you to divine prosperity.  Progress moves you forward, meaning, there shall always be a better tomorrow.

Quoting Provb 4:18 “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”

“When you have Divine Wisdom you will progress in life. There is always light as you move on. A man with wisdom knows how to invest. The white men came and stole our treasures with wisdom.  Enoch lived and left a mark with wisdom. He worked for God. The year you lived on earth doesn’t not matter. What matters are your footprints and what you did to touch humanity.”

“You grow in Divine Wisdom and progress making your today better than yesterday. If you have Divine Wisdom you are an overcomer.”.

He declared divine wisdom in our lives and transferred the Wisdom of God to believers”.

Read the following Bible verses for more understanding.Provb.4:18/1kg.3:28/Amos 3:3/G.5:1-25/Deut.1:6-7.

In all, the Servant of God, Prophet Sunday Obi, through His Master Jesus Christ, healed the sick, the afflicted, cast out demons, and gave prophetic messages to many that seek for His Divine Wisdom during the service.

The service pleased the heart of His Master Jesus Christ as it ended in praise and worship after sharing the Communion and bread.

Next week is the marking of Our Daddy’s birthday. Come and celebrate with your spiritual Father and receive more blessings.

First timers were welcomed and prayed for. Next Week is “blood sprinkling service”. 

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Glory be to God!.

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